| introducing your sofi dashboard

After a few final touches here and there, the dashboard is ready for you to explore!:sparkles::crescent_moon:


Paired with your journaling app, and accessible via both your phone and your computer, your dashboard is where you can access an overview of your journey with sofi so far, receive real-time updates on your spraying and journaling status, and interact with our sofi science tab - where you’ll find surveys and research papers galore.

To log-in, enter the same email and password you used to create your sofi app account.

*Please note: when accessing your sofi dash via the sofi app, view all navigation tabs by selecting the flower image in the top right corner of your phone screen.


The sofi dashboard will allow each Pioneer to access their sofi “score.”

Here, a number between 1 and 100 is assigned based on the consistency of each individual’s journaling and spraying routine. The sofi score is how we communicate how consistent each Pioneer is in their journaling and spray behaviour, as this is the only way for us to establish the effectiveness of any plant. So consistency is key!

Once we can establish a high sofi score for a sufficient length of time, sofi will begin to output statistically significant insights on your sleep duration, sleep quality, and mood. -You’ll be able to find your results on the right hand side, along with details of your active formulation and last spray.


In this section pictured above, any changes to the quality and duration of your sleep and mood in response to the plants are shown! The more journaling and spraying data you provide, and the more often you open and interact with the sofi app, the better chance you have of receiving an accurate result!


By scrolling down, you’ll see the community feature of your dash, which allows you to see the 60 most recent mood journal entries of your fellow pioneers. User details are 100% anonymised with only location and time of the journal entry shown.

The percentage at the top of the screen is an aggregate of the community’s mood intensity data - the higher the percentage, the more intense the average mood.


By selecting the science tab at the top of your dashboard screen, you can access our science surveys, research papers, and selected blog posts at any time.

While two of our surveys are currently up and running for you to participate in, we’re still working on the best way to display your results - hmmm, any idea on what you think would look best?

Either way, this feature (along with the results of any surveys you take) will be arriving to your dashboard very soon!

Explore it now by clicking here: Sofi - Dashboard


This is awesome and all coming together special mentions on this for @josif for the beautiful design, @rafaelgoncalves for the sleek code, and @enricovarano for the clever sofi brain. Really proud of the work of the sofi team on all fronts today guys xx :pray: :heart:


Yes! @josif @rafaelgoncalves @enricovarano you guys are amazing!! I just get to make the post and take all the credit :wink:


I don’t remember setting a password for the app… forgot password doesn’t seem to remember either. How long should it take for the recovery email?


Well done team ! This is some truly awesome work by you all :grin::grin:


Hi @BrandNewMe! You should receive the forgotten password email to your inbox almost immediately - so please do keep an eye out for it there!


@alexwalkerjones I’ve requested it twice but nothing has shown up, not even in spam.


Well done everybody! It looks amazing :smiley:


Ah I see! Let me send you a DM so together we can sort it out :slight_smile:


Hi @alexwalkerjones
I am using my MacBook to write Treehouse comments, and I am using the iPhone app to record the daily journalling.
In your post you mentioned: “” Explore it now by clicking here: Sofi - Dashboard “”
==> I have no issues clicking this link and switch over to the Dashboard.
==> Once at the dashboard, there are menu-tabs to bring me back to the dashboard.
==> However, when I want to access the dashboard from the Treehouse, there is no way to get back to it, unless I use the link in your message. The menu-tabs are missing.
Q: am I doing this wrongly? Any words of wisdom how to move efficiently back and forth between the different sections?

Thank you


Hi @laurent.rossier, great question!

You are not doing anything wrong at all! Currently, while we can link to the treehouse from the dash, it sits on a separate platform from the rest of the world meaning we don’t currently have the quick select option to navigate back.

In the future, we have our sights set on becoming fully integrated between the community, site, dashboard, and app! But for now, the answer lies in the name!

It’s called the ‘’ dashboard, but that’s also the key to the URL. Simply type into the search bar and you’re good to go. When in doubt, this is how I have learned to navigate there the fastest - by remembering its my ‘’ dash.

I hope that somewhat helps?


got it @alexwalkerjones
All clear now and I will just keep 2 windows open (as I want to get a sense of how to ‘read’ the available information over time.


Woohoo! A big sofi day on all fronts :raised_hands:


Wow this sounds great not only by tje hours we slept :sleeping: but also how we felt that day aswell thats great kinda like ur sofi journal :smile: im totally be there i qill gladly take part in this as its the least i can do after all your as in sofi team are doing to try help me an people like me some good sleep :sleeping: thats an amazing journey to be apart of an im happy :blush: to journal everything :blush: into my sofi journal :blush:


Thanks @alexwalkerjones
I was wondering the se have been playing around with it thinking it was me doing something wrong so thanks an that was a great question


Ohh i no i keep saying it but i really an so excited :laughing: to be on the sofi journey and also hwt to have a great bunch of people here to talk yo at ttee house :house: i love it and to be apart of something so huge :heart: :two_hearts: amazing


It’s so amazing to have you with us on this journey … you know we are inventing and discovering together and the idea that on this journey we can also help some folks improve how they feel … we all feel hugely privileged to a part of this together xx :pray: working on something to share a little more insight into your sofi team. Once we have the results I think we will post it in here. We have proper diversity of thought pushing us forward and that’s really been amazing to experience. Hope you have a restful Sunday! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Same here waiting on an email to reset.


Hi @dannytobin68 - thanks for letting us know! Please keep an eye out for me, and I’ll work on finding out why there seems to be a delay.