Stick not working

My stick was not pairing i unscrewed the top adjusted the battery but nothing then the cannister got suck in the device I managed to dislodge it but now not working .I have still been able to do my sprays but nothing is being recorded.HELP!!! I cant work this app either


Hi @sukishanta,

Welcome to the treehouse and not to worry - we will be sure to support you in getting this figured out! :dizzy: In order for us to better understand the problem, it may be worth trying again, using the step-by-step listed within our survival guide (linking it for you below):

sofi | a survival guide for pioneers

Often times, turning bluetooth off and on again, and closing and reopening the app can make all the difference. We’re also more than happy to arrange a phone call or zoom and solve this together - please let me know what works best for you!