Still no pod delivered

I was told my pod is in the next batch when is this please im dying to start this journey :sob:


I’ve been waiting months for mine and still no sign of it which is frustrating as was told it should be in the post soon…. I struggle so hard with sleeping n very excited to use it when it does arrive


Hi, here is part of an answer to someone else that i wrote recently:

You have joined at a time when there has been an unprecedented number of new pioneers and after years of research and improvements, plus nearly 2 years of free trials, sofi now has to start marketing their products with subscriptions as well as providing a trial for new pioneers.

Useful Information is given in the following link - read @alexwalkerjones first post in this thread, including under the subheading ’ no pioneer left behind’

You will see that you will receive a free trial pod and sprays but circumstances now mean that this won’t be until the end of the year. I know this seems like a long wait but the processing of the plants in sequence for the trials has speeded up since the early days. I joined in early 2022 and received my first trial after about 8 months in October.

I recommend that you do some reading about sofi so that you know about the products and the interactive nature of the programme, treating each person as an individual by analysis of their journalling data. There is a search facility in the Treehouse where you can look up various topics and FAQs. Some useful information is also pinned to the top of the Treehouse.

Information on the 3 herbs trialled so far is also available in the Treehouse. The next herb to be trialled is Chamomile which is the one you will receive at the end of the year, unless you wish to subscribe when you would be sent 3 herbs to start with : Valerian, Passiflora, and Ashwaghanda for the first 3 months. Sofi analysis of your sleep and mood data with these herbs can determine which of them work best for you.


Annoying isn’t it? I’ve been waiting ages.


I cant wait to start my pods either hope yours arrive soon x


I’ve been waiting over 1 yr for mine and still nothing…:woman_shrugging:


Tagged @alexwalkerjones and @Marina in here for you , they may be able to look into this

Hi @Kimberly - thanks for your message! And @Aaron - thank you for the tag:)

I can see in the system that your address has not been confirmed in the app yet. Please follow the steps journey map (compass icon in the sofi app) to complete your address. :herb:

Please let me know if it works! :pray: :sofi_moon:


My address has been verified as i recieved my pebble months ago but still no smart pod as told :frowning: