Pod still not arrived, not very happy

Can anyone tell me how much longer the pod will take to arrive please. I paid for it back on 10th December and yet it’s still not here.

I will be brutally honest and say, so far, I have been very disappointed with this project.

I signed up months ago on the previso I would journal for 10 days, receive a pebble to confirm my postal address and then within a few days have the pod posted out.

This however, couldnt be further from what has happened.

I appreciate this is a very new concept and still in the teething stages but there needs to be a vast improvement on so many levels if you wish to make a go of it and get positive feedback from paying customers if you ever get to that stage.


Hi @DollsHead, thanks for your message, and we’re really sorry that your Pioneer Pack is experiencing delays.

We are currently competing with much bigger companies to secure priority shipping windows, and unfortunately this is especially exaggerated due to the Holiday season.

We are a small team, working to hand mix, fill, and crimp each of our formulation capsules, and to hand-assemble our Packs before they are ready to go out. This certainly does not excuse the fact that we still have a lot to learn and long way to go until our systems are perfected, and we’re grateful for your ongoing patience!

The very second that we receive notice of your Pack having been scanned and shipped by our fulfilment partners, we’ll send you an email to confirm, and you should receive tracking details from the courier itself to follow. :pray: :love_letter:


Hi @DollsHead I am as frustrated as you having paid my £10 on 7th Dec and still not received anything.

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Sorry you guys are having delays, just wanted to say that sofi really are a caring bunch and I’m sure they’re gutted that this has happened. But I hope once you get your pods you get the same positive experience that sofi has given some of us. It’ll be worth the wait! :pray:


It’s all well and good you saying this Alex but you are quick enough to take peoples money and once I had paid my deposit I was advised my pod would be shipped within 3 days! I even have a screenshot of this.

I think it’s a poor do to blame couriers as there are plenty of options available and no one else seems to be having any difficulties getting their parcels collected or delivered. In fact I have received a lot from othwr companies/people since paying my deposit yet yours has yet to appear.

Also, I have noticed 12 days ago you telling Anna you still have pioneer packs available. If this is the case why on earth haven’t those that have already paid received ours yet?

I appreciate you’re a small company but you shouldn’t make statements you can’t fulfill.

You may be really nice people doing your best but so far you’ve done nothing to demonstrate to me you are reputable company that can be relied upon.

I have had chronic insomnia for years and tried every conceivable option from meditation to medication so you really were my last resort but I’m considering giving it up as a bad job.

So, the bottom line is. You’ve taken my money, I want my purchase, no more excuses. If you are not willing to fulfill my order and have it with me by Friday 5th January then I politely request an immediate full refund and I will stop wasting any more of my time


You are quite right @DollsHead, and our lack of efficiency here is the result of numerous teething issues with our fulfilment partner (providing an ETA of 3 days was not planned, and has caught us off guard unexpectedly).

To remedy your situation, I have arranged for an investigation into the whereabouts of your shipment ASAP so that we may locate it and trace exactly what has gone wrong. In the meantime, I am able to either a) arrange for a replacement Pioneer Pack to be shipped immediately, or b) provide an immediate refund, and hold off on a replacement entirely, should you prefer not to continue with us in light of the unfortunate circumstance.

Please let me know which option is preferable and I will get this sorted as soon as possible for you.

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Thank you for your reply Alex but I’m dismayed that you are still blaming your fulfillment partner for the delays. You really need to start taking responsibility. It’s your company so the buck stops with you, irrelevant of the problem or the cause.

Since I have waited this long I am loathed to give up at the last hurdle, so if you can arrange for a replacement pack to be sent out immediately I would like to continue with my order to see if it can actually help me. However, if im going to be left waiting again then as stated before i wish to cancel for a refund.

So, the balls in your court.


Thank you @DollsHead, we are very grateful for your ongoing patience!

We’ve arranged for a replacement to be immediately shipped your way. :pray: Please keep an eye out for tracking details from the courier via email in the next 1-2 days.

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Hi Dollshead.

Since we are ALL sleep deprived people, looking for a solution to our woes…we tend to be more patient and kind than others, when people are not as well behaved as they should be, because we know how grumpy we FEEL. Alex definitely is patient and understanding. However, this IS a small start up company…NOT google or amazon. What that means, is that likely there are a very few people doing the job that SHOULD be given to many people, because they have not made a lot of money yet, since they are basically giving away components, in order to get their project up and running. People like me who have been with them from the very start have waited a very long time to receive our kits. I have not seen a response yet, but am very grateful to have had the chance to try things out. Usually I buy a lot of things, spend a lot of money and then find out that they do not work. So to have the opportunity to even try something for free or nearly free (with a money back deposit on return of equipment)…is really a privilege. I hope that you sort out your package issues soon. This is not a scam…its a privilege…and a supportive community that truly cares. FYI I ordered something while I was vacationing in Florida 3 weeks ago. After 5 emails, they just informed me that it has not even been mailed yet and has been stuck in their warehouse because of large shipments due to Chinese New Year. I am now back in Canada, but they are still mailing it to me in Florida, even though I have left.
Annoying, but that is life. And it is not even Christmas time anymore. Shipping delays happen. Life happens. Realistic attitudes and patience are a necessity in this world we live in.


Thanks for your unrequested and unnecessary response as this has absolutely nothing to do with you.

However fabulous it makes you feel to tell everybody what a saint you are, I really dont want or need to hear about it.

If you knew anything about it, rather than just assumptions, you would know that I have been waiting patiently also, for quite some time and only followed up because I had received a message advising the product would be with me in 3 days.

Whilst I appreciate they are a small start up company, it’s also important for them to learn important customer service lessons if they are to suceed with a happy, retuning customer base.

Alex, replied to me and the problem was resolved quickly as he wasn’t aware the 3 day message had been sent out. Had he not know that he wouldn’t have been able to address it with the department responsible.

Small suggestion, keep your opinions to yourself maybe?

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