Pioneer pack received

Heyyy, so I got my pack and have been spraying for 3 nights. But I’m just having a. Clear out and an email I was sent in July makes mention of 2 sofi holographic stickers, where are these cos I didn’t seem to get them in my pack :rofl:


Hi @Jamsterdm! We’re so sorry to disappoint, but I’m afraid since pivoting from single plant pioneer packs (aka 3 capsules of a single plant) to our awesome discovery packs, with three of our best formulas for better sleep and calm, our holographic stickers have been kicked to the curb!

Each stickers has the particular plant / program number on it, and so we’d need to include 4+ stickers for them to make sense in the mixed packs - in which case you may think you’re received a sticker book instead of a Pioneer Pack, haha! :laughing: :love_letter:

I hope you can understand, however, we’ll take this as a sign for the future to look into bringing them back!

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