Sugar free / caffeine free Coke

So 2 years ago I cut caffeine out my diet completely. Everything included Irn Bru ( my fav ) . Went decaf on my coffees etc etc . And yes a massive difference within about a month to my sleep pattern. Recently I’ve been having a caffeine free zero sugar coke every now and then and I’ve noticed that the night after I do my sleep is broken badly ! Not sure if it’s aspartame? Or a placebo effect ? Anyone had similar or offer any ideas ?


Very curious about this too @RDM777.
I haven’t been able to drink any fizzy drink/soda for years since it’s always made me feel wired no matter what it was, and I always blamed either the sugar or caffeine. I suppose it makes sense that what they may use to replace those (or the colouring added maybe?) could have a similar effect too. Love to hear others’ experiences


Aspartame is bad stuff from what i have read (its banned in the US) and i think it increases cortisol and can produce anxiety and insomnia.
Even Stevia which i think is thought to be a safer substitute can result in poor sleep quality.