Treehouse seeds what are they

New to the app and still trying to figure things out, like what the teeehouse seeds are and what the seeds In general do


Right now you just keep journaling and participating in the treehouse to earn the seeds, they’re still working on making a store to use them with
Welcome to the journey


Hi @B33 - welcome to our community! You are certainly in the right place for finding answers to any question about the pioneer program that you may have :blush: :sofi_moon:

When in doubt about the next steps of your journey, the pioneer journey map (compass icon) within your sofi app is a great place to start! There, you’ll be asked to complete various steps that are available for your reference anytime on your pioneer journey map - and this can serve as your guide.

As for sofi seeds! They are a relatively new form of currency within sofi that will eventually be redeemable for products and additional formulations within the sofi store (coming soon!) For more information on seeds, check out this thread for more: S3 Pioneer Program | updates - #45 by alexwalkerjones