Earn rewards with our seed bank rewards program!

Earn rewards with our seed bank program

Hello and welcome one and all,

We would like to introduce to you our sofi seed bank Rewards program!

At sofi we firmly believe in the power of community and know that without all of you we would not be where we are right now. It has always been sofi’s mission to involve you in the development of our products and our company and we want to ensure you share in our success.

To that end we have developed the first instalment of our rewards program; ‘the sofi seed bank’. With this program we hope to encourage participation in our treehouse community, reward you for consistently journaling, and most importantly helping us spread the word about sofi.

What is the sofi seed bank

The seed bank is our referral & bonus program here at sofi. Our goal is to reward people for positive actions that improve their lives or those of others.

Our seed bank allows us to earn seeds (points) for different actions we perform in the app, on our treehouse community or when spreading the word about sofi. You will see your seeds are visually separated into three categories in the sofi app. Your earnings include activity from the following:

  • Journaling & spraying (capped)
  • Treehouse activity (capped)
  • Referrals you’ve made (uncapped)

*Caps have been introduced to make sure people can’t game the system by journaling continuously for the sake of getting a lot of points for example.

How does the sofi seed bank work?

Rewarded actions

Below you’ll find an overview of all the different actions that generate sofi seeds.

Journaling/spraying & related milestones

You will be rewarded after every journal sequence:

First journal sequence of the day is rewarded with - 10 seeds

Second and subsequent journals of the day are rewarded with - 5 seeds

Overall daily journaling cap* is - 25 seeds

*After the daily cap is reached, you stop getting points from further journalling.

Pioneer journey milestones

You will be rewarded when reaching certain milestones of your Pioneer journey:

Completing a baseline - 100 seeds

Completing plant survey - 100 seeds

Completing a Pioneer study (all three bottles are marked as completed in your journal) - 300 seeds

Treehouse milestones

You will be rewarded for both content creation and interaction with other users of the Treehouse:

You like someone’s post - 2 seeds

You leave a reply in someone’s topic - 5 seeds

Your post gets a like - 10 seeds

You create a new topic - 20 seeds

Overall daily *cap: 50 seeds

*After the daily cap is reached, you stop getting points for further participation.

Referral milestones (Uncapped!)

You will be rewarded when you invite someone to join sofi (unique referral link is used):

You invite someone and they create an account using your link - 50 seeds

Your invitee completes the baseline - 100 seeds

Your invitee is rewarded when they create their account through your referral link - 50 seeds

All of your earned seeds will be saved to your sofi seed bank daily. And all your earned seeds can later be exchanged for products in the sofi store.


This is super helpful @alexwalkerjones … I am increasingly becoming aware of my growing sofi seed balance! It seems to be the only one that is growing all the time! :slightly_smiling_face: … We will have our sofi shop up soon and one of the way we can recognise and reward the amazing contribution of our Pioneers to the shaping and making of sofi is to make sure that every product or services that is available on the sofi shop can be purchased with fiat currency or sofi seeds. The exact exchange rate and value we will need to be determined and be fair but we can make sure from now that our amazing community that helped our sofi form have also a seed of gratitude for their efforts, patience and care for sofi, us, and each other. :pray:


Hi @alexwalkerjones
Very helpful summary of the sofi seed bank.
I don’t recall ever completing a survey. Maybe I have forgotten - Did we do that in the early days?


Hi @drmudlark - apologies for any confusion. Our plant survey has undergone a few changes over the past couple weeks, so it is no longer medical (have corrected this in the above also :blush:), and instead simply helps us to understand what you’re looking for (i.e. more calm, better sleep, or both!) ahead of each new Program, in case changes occur over time.

It’s especially helpful for Pioneers new to sofi, as we will eventually use this to determine which plant may be most helpful to start with :seedling: :sofi_moon:

In your pioneer journey map, it is the step selected just below: