Unusual Sleeping Pattern

Hello everyone!

So I can’t be the only one with a messy sleep pattern? Some days I sleep like I’m in my mothers womb, other days it feels like an uncomfortable camping trip with no sleep mat, just rock hard surfaces.

Any coping techniques or experiences to help a gal out?



For some with same issues it helps to create a pattern to get your body and mind ready for sleep. Soothing music, candle light, warm bath (not too hot), positive conversations; and importantly (no screen time- none at all).
Do this for a few days and your body and mind could hopefully develop a routine and a readiness that it is time to sleep.
Of course, this doesn’t help in all cases and of course there are other ideas/solutions someone in your situation could try and Sofi might be the one you have been waiting for😀


Well said @laurent.rossier ! Warm bed, candle light, soothing music, I just got up and had a shower but the thought is tempting me :heart_eyes: :grin:

Meditation works for many people as well of course.

And counter intuitively sometimes just getting up, having a cup of tea, and taking 30 minutes before trying again really helps. I don’t know, it’s stops you from tensely trying to fall asleep. Just a letting go, of oh well, I didn’t make it this time. I’ll have a cuppa and try again…