Valerian is working 😁

Well… I finished my 10 day trial of valerian at the end of last week without noticing any change. Because I am having a heart op on Friday I have left off starting the next flavour and so very glad I did. For the past 3 nights I have had more sleep per night than I have for years. Ok not straight through but still a vaste improvement. If I had gone on to a new pod after the 3 day break, I would have thought the improvement was down to the new flavour not the valerian. I was very sceptical that 10 days would be enough for any benefit but can say yes something has definately kicked in. So all those waiting …hang on in there it is worth the wait


Glad to hear you’re on your Sofi journey, who knew plants could work so well, long may it continue, good luck with your heart op,


That’s so fantastic to hear @Caroline! Thrilled that you noticed a difference with (or after!) just 10 days of valerian! The 10 days are super important, as this gives the plant just enough time to build up in your system, where benefits become more noticeable!

Super curious to see if passiflora or ashwaganhda have benefits of their own for you too, and wishing speediest of recoveries with the upcoming heart op xx :heartpulse: