Day three of new pack😊

Only early, but I must say the connection to the stick is so much better than with the old one. I can easily connect everywhere and don’t have to do a dance around the room or go to a other room :rofl:

To the sofi team member who sorted that, it’s working brilliant :relaxed::relaxed:

I’m on pod number 2 taste is ok citrus & eucalyptus.
The valerian gave me a different warmed and relaxed feeling early on haven’t felt it with passion flower yet but it’s still early.

Would love to know if passion flower and valerian should work the same or different :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:


I am on no.3 but I agree with you that valerian gave me an almost instant hit , I think passion flower is more subtle. Night 3 tonight so early days fingers crossed


Not feeling any benefit yet from pod 1 (passiflora) but early days. Valerian seemed to impact with me almost immediately so perhaps I’m expecting a similar effect with these new pods. Oh well, keep to the program.


Patience :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but they affect everyone differently :slight_smile: hopefully you feel something soon , so far I’ve had two bizarre dreams and one night where I slept all the way through and nothing could wake me up :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s amazing feedback and will definately send the love to the electronics, firmware and app teams who are constantly fixing and breaking our lovely sofi! In the question of the two plants, they have different chemistry and are designed to hit different pathways of sleeplessness … some that may not have responded to valerian may show a response … some may show a response to both just to various degrees. A lot of our research suggested that by day 10 we were pretty sure about half of the pioneers that we’re having an effect was most likely to a benefit from the plant. So will ask @pamelaspence to comment more on the differences of how she uses these two plants clinic (valerian v passiflora) … and of course @enricovarano who is tinkering with the sofi brain … will ask him to comment on length of time to be certainty of an effect. But I would say by day 10 half of the pioneers that responded to valerian sofi had observed a statically significant “dosage” effect - ie the number of times pressed had started to correlate to the duration of sleep or quality of sleep. Do also keep in mind that sofi is also listening to lag effect … we have seen lag effects of easily 8 to 9 days for some folks … so really you would again begin to see something around 10 days of consistent use … of course everyone’s responses were so individual so only way to find out is to run the program! So glad you are continuing with us here xx :pray:


Thanks @Kaveh

as valerian made a big difference from the start, I might have had my hopes up that passiflora would be the same.

For the taste :person_shrugging: my brain keeps reminding me of valerian citrus. but I keep thinking it’s a different plant so it should taste different.

I love doing the trails so I will keep going :blush: for as long as I can. Hopefully passiflora will kick in soon and I be sleeping like a baby :blush::blush:


9 and a half hours sleep last night wowzer!!! :scream::scream: But I’m still tired :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow​:grin::grin: @Aaron that sounds amazing. 9 hours. But yes I know the feeling of sleeping long and than still feeling tired, it takes a few days to get used to :rofl:like with the valerian :rofl::rofl:

I was awake by 3:30 am this morning :woozy_face::woozy_face: and really started to realize how dark the mornings are. And having to turn the lights on at 5am :relieved::relieved: winter won’t be long away. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

:cry: But at the same time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: as it means the rams will soon go back to the lady sheep :sheep: and we start, from the beginning again.

That than trying to think when I joined sofi :thinking::thinking::thinking: a year past a year older maybe a little wiser​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I do envy your proxy to all this amazing life around you … how is sofi getting on? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: … I still think she’s the most beautiful sheep I have ever seen! xx :pray:


Good to hear the different responses to S2 and the already varying sleep patterns. I should perhaps see a difference by the end of this week. Sleep well all.


Sofi has had her ear tags. I will make a picture hopefully today.


Had a busy day so it was just a drive by and pictures out of the window from car :grin::woozy_face::grin::woozy_face: O

Oddie the bull is in pictures too :star_struck::star_struck: spot sofi :heart:

We still didn’t have much rain here in Leicestershire. Our fields are very brown and we are having to feed all extra to keep animals happy.


Hi all,

So interesting to see the responses begin to filter in.

I think of valerian and Passiflora quite differently. By the way, my use of capitals is intentional - we use lowercase for valerian because that is the common name for the plant, but Passiflora gets a capital because we usually use the proper Latin name for that plant, rather than calling it passionflower.

I digress!!

Valerian is a strong plant - the closest to a sedative we get in herbal medicine as some of you experience when you had to reduce the dose. Although I should point out that plants can’t force sedation as a pharmaceutical does, but it has a strong action and it’s too much for some people.

A very few people will actually find that valerian makes them feel agitated. It is usually a specific constitutional type of person (we think - more on that as we look at our findings from S1 :wink:). What I experience of Valerian in clinic is that it requires that you allow it to help you. If you are the kind of person who absolutely cannot let go, it is unlikely to be your plant.

Essentially, you are going to know when you’ve taken valerian. It is not subtle.

Passiflora is a whole other kind of medicine. It is airy, subtle, diffuse. It doesn’t smell of stinky socks like our friend valerian. It sidles up to you like you would approach a wild animal and slowly begins to influence the body. You may not even notice at first.

If you think about the way it grows, it is a vine that can become invasive as it searches for nooks and crannies to enter. But for all that it is delicate and beautiful- this plant can make it through concrete! Never mistake delicacy for a sign of weakness!

In clinic then, Passiflora is the herb I give to anyone with disturbed sleep patterns and I watch for material change to unfold over time. If the patient has any anxiety it is absolutely indicated too, some herbalists use it for any anxiety, I only reach for it when the anxiety is related to insomnia (or insomnia for any other reason).

I hope that helps give you a flavour of these two amazing herbs!



Thank you @pamelaspence the difference between the two is amazing. And I kinda wanted Passiflora to give me the same instant reaction. But knowing they where different and now understanding why they work different I’m looking forward to hopefully little chances.


Look at these beauties! The ground is a little bit parched isn’t it … and now we can get probably floorings and torrents if monthly rain in one week! I always do wonder how folks working with the land are coping in these crazy weather patterns! :pray:


We can’t do anything other than wait for the weather to be what it needs to be :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:that’s why when weather is good to go farmers work till late in the night to get it done.