Very minor issue

And perhaps not the time to mention it given that the team have more important things to deal with the new app release, but while i remember it …

I have noticed in the last few weeks that when i want to insert an emoji, one that is deemed appropriate, i suppose from my text content, is inserted automatically.
Not a big deal, although i like to think and act for myself so it is a mild irritation!
I just have to delete it and open the emojis again to pick the one i want to insert. I dont know if other pioneers have noticed this? I can live with it!


Hi @drmudlark
Are you talking about treehouse or app? To be honest emojis isn’t something that we control for both in any way. They usually depend on device/keyboard settings and treehouse software which we don’t own :confused:


Thanks for your reply.
It happens when I post in the treehouse, just in recent weeks. I’ll look to see if there are any settings I can change, but if not it is only a minor irritation.

I’m very pleased to be able to journal today.
I looked at the address problem again. I see that it is now possible to insert my full phone number but the auto fill with someone’s address in the States still pops up every time i add my house and street name so I can’t add mine at the moment. Is it possible to turn autofill off? It doesn’t happen with autofill on online shopping sites so perhaps because the form is in an American format??

Anyway, thank you for fixing my journalling problem so quickly this morning.

Cheers, Sue


Adding @vincent here in case he may have some suggestions @drmudlark :pray:


@Kaveh @drmudlark

I’m not sure I understand the problem 100%, so apologies if I get it wrong. :anxious:

On Emoji’s, when it comes to the emoji’s, the system as standard will pick emoji’s from their own native list first when you use the actual symbols: ‘:)’

When you spell out an emoji, you should be able to become more accurate :happy:, and as you are spelling out a particular emoji the list of available emoji’s should come up. You can simply finish spelling the emoji or choose from the list.

To spell an emoji, you start by adding in a semicolon : and then the word that reflects your mood for example. When you start spelling :hap for example, you’ll see it coming up with a whole range of emoji’s like so:


Anyway, I hope that helps.

As for auto-fill, that might be something @Kirill knows how to fix?


Hi @vincent. Thanks, i know how to do it but on my phone the moment i touch the emoji icon it automatically selects one before i have a chance to choose one!
Probably my cranky phone and kirill (i think it was him) said that the emojis are not in your control.
But anyway a really minor thing as long as i check it hasnt posted a totally inappropriate one! At least we can edit and i can do them manually starting with the colon.
Thank you


Yes, I think the colon is probably your best bet :happy:


Apologies jumping in
Re emojis … if not fixed yet, its your phone/software/predictive text that is most likely to be the culprit.

Best Wishes
Happy New Year :sparkles:

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