Wake up and wind down lights

A few years ago I got myself a wake up light clock. It gently wakes you up with light that mimics the sunrise. It also has a feature that slowly dims the light over a 30 mins period and it’s supposed to bring you to sleep. It’s helped me wind down especially when I wasn’t so tired, but the fact that I had to set up all over again whenever it was unplugged and the lack of dimming options for the bright clock light put me off using it. It was called Lumie. Have you ever used a wake up light? What was your experience with it?


When @Vincent asked about the best alarm clocks, this is what came to my mind. Certainly beats the shock of waking up to blaring sirens or a loud alarm!

Was it something you had to set for the same time each night, or could simply trigger 30 minutes before bed?

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It’s brilliant if you, like me, have problems with falling asleep and then pay the price in the morning :tired_face: struggling to wake up. It worked every time and without the shock of an alarm as you mentioned!
The issue is exactly…. setting it up. It’s complicated and if I had a power outage or for some reason had to unplug it, I had to do it all over again. And there were so many settings I’d often get it wrong. The winding down feature can be activated whenever you want but then you have to faff with the controls again if the time you go to bed is not consistent. Same with your wake up time. I gave up! But maybe worth giving it another go or trying a different brand. There are several in the market now. Is that something you would consider trying? Or are you skeptical about it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have seen these often but im not sure if they would work for me. My daughter has to sleep with a light on and I feel that because I don’t sleep in darkness, it wouldn’t benefit me. Do you agree with that?

@jaxlou1982 it would still work for you as it is dark all through the night and only starts lighting up in the morning.

I had a Lumie as well, but it didn’t work for me as i have trouble with waking up in the early morning and struggle to fall asleep again.

So for me, as I’m awake anyway in the mornings and desperately try and get a few more zzzz’s before the alarm goes off, it was actually frustrating with it lightning up my room before I actually had to get up.

So it all depends on how sleeplessness affects you.

I think for those struggling to wake up in the morning it might be a good solution.

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I might give it a shot, bit skeptical that it will work for me but anything is worth trying!

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I wouldn’t know for sure, all I can say is that the wake up light intensity is very differently even from a full on ceiling light. It floods the room just like the sun rising would. I don’t know where you’re based but if you’re in the Uk you can order online and test it and return it if it’s not for you. :slightly_smiling_face: