We have lift-off: Welcome to the sofi treehouse all!

Happy Monday!

Today marks the launch of our community, aka the treehouse, which means a very warm welcome to all of sofi’s wonderful Pioneers as well as the official commencement of the S1 Pioneer Program!

For months we have been working behind the scenes to shape each and every element of sofi, but without our Pioneers it could never have begun! As Vincent mentioned in his post earlier today, we all come to sofi with our own, distinct set of personal experiences, each contributing something of priceless value to this space as a result.

As we begin a habit of journaling our sleep and mood daily with the sofi app, I look forward to hearing from the impressive range of individuals we are lucky enough to have sharing, sleeping, and journaling next to us on this unique journey. Having had interactions with many of you already, It has become clear that there is no shortage of wisdom, empathy, or the propensity to be immensely kind within the sofi community.

If there’s absolutely anything I, or any other member of the sofi team, can be of assistance with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We are only ever a message away, and as always, in people and plants we trust.
Yours sincerely,