Credit where credit is due

Hey everyone.

This will serve as my introductory post and even though I should be introducing my sleep issues, I don’t believe I have the comfort yet to do so.
However, the fact that this platform exists in itself is worth a post.

As a web developer I just thought it important to show gratitude on developing the app and the treehouse. Few know the amount of work that goes into something like this, and through my browsing of the aforementioned, I have been pleasantly surprised at the design elegance and ease of use that has been implemented within the system as a whole.
Really really well done to the development and design team!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year so far!


So grateful @sheldonlkumm to have you on this journey with us. I am always in awe what the team have managed to achieve and also in equal amazement at how brave Pioneers are in sharing really incredibly personal things with us as a community here. It’s really encouraging us to do better work all the time! Thank you for being here! :pray:


We never want you to share more than you’re comfortable with.


Welcome to the tree house bud, its a great group of people on here, really down to earth kind helpful people with no judgement at all.

No pressure to open up about anything but i have found a lot of comfort by talking to the group and realising we are far from alone in thisi nightmare we deal with awake.


Hi @sheldonlkumm, and welcome to the treehouse! It’s truly been a surreal experience to witness the development of the treehouse, from concept on paper to community launch and every step of coding, planning, and design work required in between.

Ultimately, though, it wasn’t for us to say what exactly the treehouse could become - and for that we are so incredibly grateful for all of you! You and your experiences are what make the treehouse everything it is. The empathy and authenticity is unparalleled and it’s an honour to be a part of this journey with you.


I’m not exactly sure why I’m here, but I e been journaling my sleep and emotions for a little while and idk why. Is this a experiment or study of some kind? Respectfully James Craib.


It’s lovely to hear from you and we are working on a program to help folks achieve more calm and sleep using plants. You have been creating a baseline which is how we establish what “normal” is for different folks - as you can imagine a father of twins, a mum who does night shift and a student or an elderly parent - well they all have very different ideas of normal. So the baseline through journalling on the sofi app establishes how you are naturally without any intervention. The Pioneers who complete their 10 day baseline will then be shipped a sofi surprise to validate their home address and once they send a photo back we will register them to receive an S1 Pioneer package. This will include a sofi stick used to spray one of three variants of our first plant-based formulations designed for better sleep. We will then track the result of their sleep over the trial program and see if we can confidently see any improvement. Our plan is to enable Pioneers to discover if there is anything in the natural world that may help with their target state of better sleep and more calm. Hope this is helpful and delighted to have you here.


Me too.Im a recovering alcoholic and have always found alcohol as my sleep aid,so for a glorious 3 years sober I unf8have found sleep and issue.I have a sponsor and AA I talk to for sobriety issues but it’s so nice to have you all to grumble with about sleep!:yellow_heart::pray::tulip::sunflower:


We are really lucky to have you here with us @jacquelinecannon1 xx


@sheldonlkumm: how has your experience been following these posts here!
do you also find them encouraging; enriching and thought provoking?


Honestly, with the start of business I have not yet had time again to actively engage here, but what I do find consoling is the fact that there is a place to go to discuss these topics with a sense of community. And quite frankly that is more than what can be asked for.
I will attempt to be a little more active, but I am quite busy entrepreneurially speaking so might be difficult at times :slight_smile:


Thank you for the lovely feedback @sheldonlkumm! It’s heartwarming to read it and I’m glad you found your way here. I look forward to hearing some updates about the work that you do. As entrepreneurs ourselves we know all too well how much pressure and sleepless nights starting a business can bring!