When is the next batch being sent out and am i on that list

Hi just wondering when the phase will be sent out and am i on the list for the next set?


Hi @Kfc1978, welcome to the treehouse! We thrilled to have you onboard.

Excitedly, we will have an update going out in the next few days regarding your reserved Pioneer Pack. We’re preparing these to go out in 2 waves, one in less than 30 days, and another about a month after that!

We’ll be assigning them for shipment based on activity levels in the 30 days that follow that update email - so please do keep up with your journaling.

I hope that helps and here anytime should you have further questions.

Hi am I still on the list to receive my pioneer pack been waiting since may


Hi @Vik2103 - great to have you here!

Yes, I can confirm that you’re on the list, and all Pioneers with a reserved Pioneer Pack will be receiving the update mentioned above.

We know the wait time has been much longer than anticipated for many Pioneers, and are so excited to be finally launching the first wave of shipment in around 30 days time! :pray:


Hey I’ve been waiting along time. I’ve had my surprise in January. I’m beginning to give up with waiting now

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Hi Claire @Cjopson - Did you receive an email this afternoon detailing our two upcoming shipment waves for those with a reserved Pioneer Pack?

Please let me know (occasionally our emails get lost in junk or spam and it can help to add hello@sofi.health as a trusted contact), but I’d be happy to re-send it if not. :pray: :blush:

Should you have any questions please ask! x

Yes just found it in my spam folder

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Glad to hear! Those pesky gmail filters somehow get us every time! Hopefully there is the option to mark not as spam for future emails :blue_heart:

Hi still not received an email or update in regards to when I am receiving my pioneer pack

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Hi @Vik2103, thanks for messaging. According to our system, it looks like you haven’t opened our past three emails, so I have a feeling that they may be getting lost in an alternate folder.

I’ve one ahead and resent the email with the instructions to get your Pioneer Pack (with all three of our “hero” plant formulations) shipped! Please let me know if you receive it and do make sure to mark it not as spam if give the option. Adding “hello@sofi.health” as a trusted email contact can also help. xx