Where would you expect to find sofi? (question to all!)

I agree about definitely online for Sofi, even if some shop outlets are used.

I have recently spent a long time researching CBD for pain, reading reviews on different websites (ok i know not all well known sites with reviews are to be trusted but i think smaller online outlets are more reliable for reviews). Importantly i think, there is no pressure to buy online which i might feel in a specialist CBD shop or health shop under the advice of an assistant.

Im pleased to say that i have discovered some broad spectrum CBD capsules (no taste issues which are not pleasant with CBD oil) that really seem to help with chronic pain.
Of course it could be a co-incidence but having suffered long term pain for a couple of decades the reduction in pain happened shortly after taking the pills about 3 months ago and continues. I have just ordered some more and having found a good product i will stick with them, having no reason to go elsewhere.

The Sofi product is aesthetically very attractive and of course with your website you can provide lots of interesting information about the product, the research and your mission.

Not forgetting there are all those sleepless people who know they shouldnt be looking at a screen in the middle of the night but what better time to browse for a solution to your insomnia when there is nowt else to do and traditional retail stores are shut?!


I am glad you’ve found the right solution for your chronic pain, @drmudlark! And I agree when we are sleepless, that’s the time we search for help. Online is my first choice too. Take care and sleep well :smiling_face:

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Hi Sofi

I have already suggested a brochure - Viva Vitality. They say " products that make life easier". I have tried a couple and they are ok. Website www.vivavitality.co.uk
Best wishes


Thanks for sharing @Meg - I had never heard of viva vitality before but II find the set-up of their website really helpful and easy to navigate (which is certainly not always the case)! I especially like that they organise by “shop by condition” which takes you straight to the sections for sleep and insomnia.

I could see sofi fitting in well on a website like that :blush:

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Long term I see Sofi becoming so well known for natural sleep/ relaxation and the benefits over our increasingly medicated toxic world - maybe one day aim for the stars and have a similar series of Sofi stores similar to Holland and Barrett! :crossed_fingers: In addition to all the other wonderful suggestions from fellow pioneers…!