Ordering sprays without subscription

Just wondering. Are there any plans to make single sprays available to buy without a subscription? I have a pod but cant afford a £45 per month subscription, especially with Christmas around the corner. Would be much more accessible if they were available as single packs.
Also, when are the seed points going to become available to use for purchases?


A great question. I am in the same position.


Hi @m.maguinness83,

Thanks for your question!

We do indeed have (top secret! :shushing_face:)plans to roll-out a sofi shop, with single refill packs, pods, as well as collections available for one-time purchase. I can’t confirm any ETA or official timeline just yet, but we are really excited to be able to offer a range of purchase options without the commitment of a monthly subscription! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

With regards to sofi seeds, we also have big plans! I’ll link you to a treehouse thread with our most recent vision for our sofi seeds: Subscription - #7 by Kaveh

Effectively, in the place of sofi seeds, we’ve implemented a cash-back rewards system for that provides £5 for each friend or family member you refer to a subscription with sofi. This will be money you have the option to withdraw or apply towards discounts on our plants and pods.

Sofi seeds however will be reserved for something a little more special to our hearts. Our plan is for sofi seeds to act as our community voting power for which charitable causes sofi donates a percentage of sales to, etc, or to buy exclusive merchandise.

I hope that helps to clarify a little and of course, all the above is subject to change as we continue to learn, grow, and evolve alongside our community, so all thoughts and feedback are welcomed! :blue_heart: :sofi_moon_white: xx


You have lots a good ideas for the future. Well done Sofi team :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I cant seem to find the link to subscription… pls could u send me a link (again :grimacing:) sorry for the inconvenience… (i need my sofi sprays :sob:)


That sounds great! Especially regards single pods and non subscription packs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m also not in a position to afford £45/mth but would definitely keep my favourite formulation byy bed for troublesome nights and buy as needed (resisting the temptation to use it all the time will be hard but … That’s what folk on budgets do isn’t it?! Lol same rule applies to basically everything in life! :rofl:). Thx for the info! (& Don’t worry, we won’t tel lol) x


Just what I would like to be able to do Jenni. I hope this starts to happen soon. I really miss having access to the pods and being out of the loop.


Hi @naziqbal76, to subscribe to sofi (currently available within the US and UK), you can head to the following link :sofi_moon_white: :blossom:


Hi. Sorry to b a pain but Has the option for 9 sofi sticks in one purchase been taken off.? Cuz i just keep getting the 1 option off 3 sticks …

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