On the business of sofi

Dear Pioneers and friends of sofi,

I have been silent for some time from our community here as been thinking about the business of sofi. I wanted to share with you some initial thoughts. Not fully formed, but like all things we do, in its prototype form so that we can shape it for the better together.

sofi, and our mission of reconnecting people and plants, should be accessible to all.

When I think of “all”, I mean that in the very broadest sense – sofi should play its humble part in improving the human condition, one person at a time, wherever she can.

In my thinking on the business of sofi, three groups come to mind.

Folks who are fortunate to pay a fair price for our product when it is available for sale. We are working with the product team to optimise every component to make the sofi stick, app, learning algorithms, and formulation as cost-effective as possible.

sofi should also be accessible to folks who need it but are not in a position to pay a fair price. For this group, we are working to create an opportunity for sponsored stick, formulation, and learning algorithms through sofi partners.

And then, there is a final group. Perhaps the most numerous. Those who can neither afford a fair price for sofi nor a smartphone to act as a bridge. Nor much in the way of current medicine. These are parts of the human family living in sometimes tricky situations and geographies that would benefit from reconnecting with medicinal plants.

It may seem grandiose for us at this early stage to imagine how we may connect with anything other than a paying customer. But we have never shied away from the possibility of dreaming at sofi. And this is the dream I wanted to share with you - on the business of our sofi.

The first group – sofi “customers” – should expect to find an affordable starter kit and an acceptable and accessible recurring monthly subscription for the plant formulations. We are building a beautiful, smart stick made from premium materials to 0.1mm machine precision (we can’t wait to trial this build in our S3 Ashwagandha program, currently under tooling and production as we speak). Each sofi smart stick will be manufactured from materials to last well beyond a warranty period, free of designed obsolescence.

The second group – sofi “Pioneers” – just as in our current Pioneer Programs, should have access without charge. There will naturally be limited seats for active Pioneers, and we will look at alternate models to fund the cost of the Pioneer Programs. Our current thinking is to generate a database called “atlas” in which we anonymise all data generated through the Pioneer Programs and allow sofi partners who pay for access to this anonymised data for research and development to fund the cost of the sofi smart sticks and formulations used by our Pioneers. We are implementing total requirements in anonymisation. For example, as a Pioneer, I should not be able to recognise my data once anonymised and the key destroyed (so anonymisation could not be reversed). We are also working with our tech team to ensure that the servers hosting atlas, even if breached, do not contain any personally identifiable data. To provide further oversight, we shall set up a Pioneer Advisory group of active Pioneers. They will oversee the level of anonymisation in “atlas” and offer independent guardianship over our sofi. We will be able to provide access to thousands of folks who would benefit from sofi but perhaps are not in a position to pay a fair price for the product. The further knowledge that Pioneer journeys provide will help improve products in human health and our understanding and research into plants, of course, will be a tremendous legacy for atlas.

Finally, there is the third group. This group will take the longest for sofi to be able to impact, but we are drawing up plans under “sofi one_”, and our mission is to enable the first such “campus” by 2028 (we do have some long-term goals here as well)! These campuses will further our mission of “reconnecting people and plants” under challenging parts of the world where pharmaceutical products are limited in their reach and poverty rife. For us to carry this mission out, we must also collaborate with global botanical centres that are leading centres of excellence in biodiversity and conservation worldwide. We have been engaged in these conversations for over a year now about how we can combine sustainable agronomy of native medicinal plants and educate locals on how to grow sustainably and use naturally occurring bioactive compounds to improve human health. We are working on dedicating a portion of our revenue proceeds to setting up permanent education and research campuses with our botanical research partners.

Our mission with sofi is to enable individuals to identify a uniquely beneficent relationship with plant-based medicines and remedies to mitigate long-term suffering and improve quality of life. By working in partnership with leading botanical centres worldwide, we plan to investigate and research the science of plants and their potential to impact the human condition. As part of the “sofi one_” program will plan to provide this knowledge in the development of optimal plant-based remedies, and the sustainable process of cultivating these plants, in emerging societies where access to methods of alleviating chronic suffering remains strained at best.

We believe that sofi can be a fair, accessible, profitable business with real human impact, where customers, Pioneers and the broader Family can benefit from our mission to reconnect people and plants. It may sound ambitious, perhaps zealous, but what is certain is that we have a dream. And we are grateful for having you with us on this journey. We will release more on this in the coming weeks, months (and years).

Wishing you a wonderful, restful weekend.



Wow that’s amazing and such a amazing pathway to helping everyone :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing I’m 100% behind Sofi on this
Keep dreaming big you are making a massive difference


It sounds like some good thinking is going on, to make sofi available to everyone it all sounds good to me x


Well done . Great thoughts, dreams and plans ahead. I love the idea of includedness of us all in sofi. Namaste


Sofi_one_ness :blush: best wishes x


It would be a wonderful thing if sofi was available to as many as needed it, sleeplessness is a big problem for many people I know. I hope it will at some point be widely available. I am so grateful for the help sofi has given me and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.


Sofi has done so much to help my sleep. Will be so delighted to continue and support this achievement :blush:


Wow reading this at 05.42 in the morning gives me a good mood :grin::grin:

So happy to be part of a wonderful team behind the name sofi.

And when sofi is all ready to start advertising to the world, I got a big horse trailer you can advertise on.
I be happy to drive round Leicestershire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good morning Sonja ! Hope you’re doing well !! And our little sofi is too ! :slight_smile:


Yes all good here . Just extremely busy with horses, sheep, cows.

The rams going with the ewes next week.

All cows are coming in from field for winter.

Horses need work and on winter turn out so more in stables than field. ( More work) I got two soon to be 3 year old who need to start work in the new year so I’m prepping them ready to start.
No idea where I going to find time for them :person_shrugging::person_shrugging: I just don’t have time for sleep :rofl::rofl::rofl: if I could sleep that is.

The rain we didn’t have in summer we have now a catch up as it comes down in buckets :rofl::rofl: so everything is wet and muddy. In between all that I try to take my horse to competition :rofl::rofl: in white breeches what is extremely difficult to keep clean if you live on a farm :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow! This is so impressive and such a gorgeous horse!! Go you! @sonja.ekkers.77 :medal_military: :medal_military: :trophy:


Wow, so you’re gonna be busy til new year then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


To infinity and beyond :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love how you you guys keep us soooo up to date …yknow it feels like we are along for the ride with the company too and I dunno it mskes me feel proud to be a “,pioneer” because it makes me feel unlike a guined pig and more like a jedi chosen one lol.
Seriously, I know haven’t posted much lately . As mentioned previously I suffer pretty severe chronic illness and Passiflora has I am pretty sure started to HELP! I AM SLEEPING!!!
ALL my painsomniac buddies will know the relief when deprivation dies away and routine restarts.

Sadly I’ve had trouble with much journal and stick connection though…which I spoke of and can be damn sure I know there’s a reply there, because I have come across such a dedicated and empathetic team. That’s my next stop to see replies . Haven’t been around in the last fortnight but you will ne delighted to know why!
I’ve not only been sleeping, I’ve been out for a birthday dinner for our daughter, a night out with my partner’s father who came to visit AND spent an entire weekend away in the south west (Kerry)to see old friends I hadn’t seen in 15 years. It was awesome! Iteo nights out in a ROW . Haven’t managed that since 2013!!! Also I slept in the comfiest hotel bed EVER. It was like a cloud . Now see. That’s what I also need save for…a new bed.

Thanks so much for not only being a company that seems to give a cr’- about customers (insomniacs and painsomniacs) but for your constant transparency and loyalty to us , your “pioneers”

Seriously you guys are an awesome

this is just the first post I wanted to quickly respond to xxx


Wow this is amazing news !! Glad you’ve been getting some well deserved rest and relief! :heart_eyes:


Such great plans and consideration… it’s so obvious you guys really really care and have such a commitment. I am so proud to be a pioneer and so looking forward to starting on S3. Thank you so much for all you do.


Tats so sweet of you ! Also so glad it is helping you.
I think Passiflora is helping me a little alongside my usual meds but my ultimate goal is to get off those pharma mes and be all plant based .that’s a tough one for pain though and they’re not legalising cannabis any time soon for medical users in severe pain 24/7 anyway!


Phenomenal plan a d fair grand scheme!