Where would you expect to find sofi? (question to all!)

We have a quick question to pose and are incredibly curious to hear everyone’s thoughts…

Knowing the sofi ecosystem as you do, in what shops and stores would you expect to find sofi products in the future?

Feel free to include UK/US/international answers :blush:


holland and barratt. boots in uk.


Yes. Those were my thoughts too. Maybe smaller independent health food shops. Will there be an online store too?


Health shops
Pharmacies?? But im sure there would be lots of red tape etc to go through first! Xx


As well as health food stores there would be a wellness section in most supermarkets. There are also chemists, Boots etc. Department stores, John Lewis etc. There’s a big move towards holistic wellness products, so the more exposure in a range of stores would benefit people.


Holland and Barrett was my first thought as well as chemists like boots and maybe even the natural ‘head shops’ I think they are referred to.


Hmm…if you’re looking for a chain stores in the US maybe Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. You could also do something direct with health and wellness coaches.


Why not have a Sofi online shop with complete control rather than giving all your work to big corporations


Was about to say h&b lol


Another UK one is Planet Organic https://www.planetorganic.com/
They’ve even got these giant pick’n’mix style dispensers of grains and pulses, a deli for fresh organic and vegan food as well as the store section for organic and plant based goods. They’ve got several around Central London.

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I would hope that you have an online store. The problem with shopss will be the cost.


Health food stores, holistic health stores, pharmacies that carry alternative health options
And as Meg said online


As well as many mainstream pharmacies and health supplement type shops mentioned here, I could imagone Sofi in the CBT formulations type of stores (which seem to have a similar focus on harvesting/processing methods, and plant grades, history etc-with enthusiastic and motivated staff who have extensive knowledge of the product provenance) and/or natural skincare/clean eating/ethically sourced organic cleaning formulations type websites and storefronts. I’ve bought several ‘herbal’ products promising better sleep which are lent credence by being sold in mainstream pharmacies or ethics based businesses.

I reckon the scope is huge. I imagine even garden centres or yoga/wellness retreats would use and sell the Sofi system, having researched it’s effectiveness. Where people already have an interest in trying non-pharmaceutical remedies for sleep/anxiety etc. Even smaller-owned ‘witchcraft and crystals’ places where the ancestral craft/knowledge in relation to plants is featured.

Can even see an MLM type set-up where people get to test the efficacy of products for themselves and are inspired to spread the word…Not that I’d buy into that kind of model, based on any limited experience I have of that world-but it seems to be fairly effective in many cases and if the product speaks for itself, I suppose it could be a new world of products you wouldnt need to force-feed everyone you’ve ever met :joy:

So many people of varying types would be interested in a safe, proven, sleep remedy with an extensive human testing research base that it could be marketed to a large chunk of the population. From what Ive seen of the slick packaging and general branding, Sofi’s appeal is fairly universal! No false promises, real info about real plants and their traditional and modern uses. Additionally, the good quality tech and online support alongside the clear ethos and mission statement, makes the overall feel very authentic and feels like buying into a community of like-minded insomniacs, that has clear goals one can get on board with, possibly contributing to the ongoing improvement of outcomes.

I say this as someone who hasn’t even gotten to the stage of trying the system yet…But the trial alone so far has given me a clear impression of the purpose, process, and overall goals. I’d buy the system to try based on that alone! So the sky is the limit really in terms of where she fits in the world of marketing!