Will the valerian wear off after awhile?

Will the effect of valerian wear off like sleeping tablets do? … after a while of using tablets they tend to stop working…im on strong painkillers and they used to make me drowsy but now it has no effect on me… just wondering if i will have the same issue with valerian.:grimacing:


@pamelaspence @Kaveh would you be able to answer this ? Also I’m quite intrigued by this too :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tag @Aaron.
@naziqbal76 hi there! It shouldn’t do. Herbs like valerian are not addictive for the body or habit forming so as long as other things remain equal (your pain doesn’t increase for instance, or your stress levels go up or your sleeping situation change) then it should continue to work for you just as it is.

Hope that helps! :herb:


That’s brilliant @pamelaspence@alexwalkerjones we may want to add this to the Q&A we are building in the surgical guide for pioneers xx :pray: