Valerian Isn't for Me?

I got my Fitbit in October so the year stats aren’t accurate yet.

My sleep hasn’t really changed since starting the pods.

My resting heart rate looks like it’s on the higher side now. It did feel like my heart was racing the first night but I haven’t felt that since.


Feel for you hopefully the passion flower pods will be better my fingers are crossed for you


Hello @BrandNewMe
Sorry to hear about your continuous struggles with sleep.
Out of curiosity: have you tried to keep to a very strict routine and keep to the exact same time of going to bed every night at least for a month? Not saying that this will help for sure - but heard stories from others that benefited from it.

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@laurent.rossier Yes, it’s better to have a set bedtime every night but it’s not possible for me. I fall asleep on the couch after dinner while we’re watching a movie or I’m playing on my phone. I then wake up 1-3 hours later (this time varies) and make my way to bed after putting everything away. So, even if I plan to go to bed at a specific time I may already be asleep well before then.

Example: Monday night it shows I fell asleep at 9:01 pm and woke up a little after midnight.


I get it - thank you for sharing. From the perspective of an outside person, it really looks like the routine you have in the evenings is not working for you. Have you tried re-arranging the routine? ie. Dinner / Putting everything away / get ready for bed / watch something / once you feel that you can’t stay awake go to bed directly?
If that means you are too early, you could consider adding some activities such as evening walks etc to delay the going to bed part…
I do hope that you will eventually find something that works for you.


This is awesome feedback with the bio sensors … we know they can be somewhat noisy but directionally they can be quite helpful. So there are two thoughts here @BrandNewMe … one is to continue going and building your none-response to valerian, another option is when you finish your formulations to keep on journalling (something that we are working on in the pioneer flows) so we see how you are affected when you go off the plant (as it takes some time to wash out) and then we run you with passiflora and see how you respond to that and if you notice a difference. The plants all have slightly different pathways they target and we know sleeplessness has something like nine different pathways, so it is very possible that you have a solid none-response to one plant and a very different one to another. That’s exactly what we are trying to solve with sofi. Let me also add @pamelaspence here as I would love to hear her thinking on best next steps. As always thank you for the patience xx :pray:


Just to give an idea of my schedule in case that factors into anything (besides the stress of my FT job of course). Grocery trips can be plugged anywhere as depends upon if I’m flying solo or waiting for the hubs to get off his :peach:

M - F up at 6 am, home workout at 7 am, drive to work FT job until 5 pm

M: no regular activity after work, home after 5:30 pm (depends on traffic), cook dinner
T: stop at the library, home after 6:30 pm, cook dinner
W: teach AquaFit at the Y, home after 7 pm, warm-up dinner or takeout
R: teach AquaFit at the Y, home after 7:30 pm, warm-up dinner or takeout
F: either straight home or go to the Y for a friend’s class, home around 8 pm, dinner depends

Saturday & Sunday have no regular wake-up time. Often they’re Netflix & Nap days. If I work out it’s often around 1 pm either day. If needed there’s another library trip on Saturday.

:thinking: I think I covered everything.


Thanks for patching me in @Kaveh

Wow @BrandNewMe that is a busy old week! And on top of that if your FT job is stressful then it seems like you are always juggling something. So if your sleep is disturbed because of stress or always being busy then you can see how your lifestyle plays into that.

But of course, we can’t always change out lifestyle! Although it massively helps when we can tweak things to work better for us.

As Kaveh said sleeplessness has many pathways in the body that can be positively and negatively affected by outside factors. Sometimes it’s stress of one kind or another, sometimes depressions, sometimes pain, sometimes hormone changes, sometimes inflammation, digestion etc. You get the picture.

So the good news is that we always knew valerian just wouldn’t do it for some people. The bad news is that it’s you… The promising news is that we have another 10 plants lined up to test over the next months and we hope that one of them is your eureka moment. And the way we can start to see your response changing is via your journal on the sofi app.

Truly, one size does not fit all. If it did I might just work with one or two herbs in my dispensary instead of the 250+ and did I mention no two peope with the same condition ever leave me with the same prescription?

There will be others who don’t get on with valerian. Not all will feel confident speak up so thank you for sharing your real experience with us :pray:

As Kaveh said you can either keep going with more valerian or just journal and wait for Passiflora to be ready. Either way, your experience and data is really important to us and we are grateful that you are sticking around despite it seeming that valerian is not your plant.

I would love to learn more about your constitutional type to see whether this points up any reasons why verian may not be for you. Have you seen that survey? I’m linking it here: Constitutional Type Survey (it’s also in the dashboard), and it only takes a few minutes to fill in. Anyone else who hasn’t done so it would be great if you could too! :herb:


@pamelaspence Yes, I did both surveys. Were we supposed to be able to see our own results or was that internal documentation?


Ah wonderful - thanks for doing that.
I think the idea is that the end of the first Pioneer programme is when we would look to see any emerging patterns.

Maybe @Kaveh can tell us a bit more on the most recent plans for that data? :herb:


We’ve just began the analysis on this. We are beginning by golden pioneers who both had and didn’t have a response so @BrandNewMe you would be a perfect case study o no response. We are going to teach sofi’s simple brain what response and none response to a plant looks like. The next level of analysis is to look at group results of surveys see if see some patterns. We will begin that once all pioneer journeys are complete in S1 by the end of the month. But we will post all discoveries here and share with all pioneers. :pray:


Sounds interesting it will be great to see what develops from the survey. :blush::+1:


The same with me! I use my Apple Watch and AutoSleep app with HeartWatch… My heart was racing and I couldn’t get to sleep for the first few nights - wondered if it was one of the things that I experience opposite effect of than most people… had to take melatonin those nights to fall asleep but after a few days it stopped. My sleep overall seems to be better ~ the first 4 nights of each pod and then it returns pretty much to baseline… I’m anxious to see how the Passiflora works too!