10 day journal almost complete

My last day is tomorrow,.I can’t wait to receive surprise then hopefully start the spray. How long does it usually take to come?


Not long, although I didn’t know when mine was first sent out. Best to ask @alexwalkerjones about this one


Hi @Marty, congratulations on completing your baseline! Your sofi surprise will go out first thing next week following the bank holiday so your S3 Pioneer Pack can be reserved. :partying_face: :partying_face:

Due to the nature of our Programs, we typically reach capacity with our Program/Pioneer Packs months before they actually launch, (for example, our S2 was fully booked as of June 13th this year), so you will be one of the first to reserve a Pioneer Pack for the S3 where we will be activating the plant ashwagandha.

As we are a small startup with only limited means, we currently estimate that the S3 will be taking place closer towards the end of the year- but we will have more information on this timeline as we get further into production.

P.S. One of the key learnings of our first Pioneer Program was that earliest qualifying pioneers has the best and strongest chance of generating powerful outcomes, not only for the current plant, but also for future plants to come.

This is because the more data sofi has to establish a baseline, the more accurate her understanding of the precise interaction with the plants can be.
So keep up the incredible journaling and stay tuned for more on the S3 coming today :slight_smile: