My surprise arrived today thank you

So good to get my pebble. Thanks sorting Alex Hope my pack will soon follow as I’m so keen to get started. Do I need to add this post to anywhere else to confirm it’s artived.


So happy to hear @Mick1 and we are so thankful to have you onboard!

I’m attaching the story behind our special sofi pebbles if you haven’t read it yet :relaxed: (Sofi Surprise :gift: - #32 by Kaveh ).

To upload the image to the app, swipe right from the main sofi screen and you should be a progress page with a button that says “upload the photo.”

Let me know if you see it there and once uploaded your S3 Pioneer Pack will be officially reserved!

We are working hard on production for the S3, now that our S2 Program has just launched so stay tuned for updates and more to come :sofi_moon: :sparkles:


Thanks Alex, I’ve found the link and uploaded a photo… plant in the background :relaxed:.
Thanks for the update on the S3 and the link about the specialness behind the pebble, means a lot.
When do you think my S2 pack will arrive as I am so looking forward to getting started and making a difference.
Many many thanks


Amazing @Mick1 ! Your S3 Pioneer pack is reserved :partying_face: :blush:

Due to the demand for our Programs, we typically reach capacity with our Pioneer Packs months before they actually launch, (for example, we reached capacity with our S2 way back in June), so you will be actually one of the first to be trialling Ashwagandha following production of the S3.

(I’ve just created a thread for updates on this Program so make sure to check it out for more information: S3 Pioneer Program | updates)

P.S. One of the key learnings of our first Pioneer Program was that earliest qualifying pioneers has the best and strongest chance of generating powerful outcomes, not only for the current plant, but also for future plants to come.

This is because the more data sofi has to establish a baseline, the more accurate her understanding of the precise interaction with the plants can be.
So please do keep up the incredible journaling - we are so so thrilled to have you onboard!

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Many thanks that’s great :+1: