S3 pioneer programme

Hi all, new to the tree house, I’m on day 9 of my journal, how do we know if we have a box reserved? And what comes in the box?
Hope to hear from you soon :heart:


Hi Zoe welcome to the treehouse, once you’ve done 10 days you will have completed your baseline , then you should hopefully be able to make it for S3 when it is ready :slight_smile: will tag @alexwalkerjones incase I missed anything


@Aaron is spot on :slight_smile: and a warm welcome to you @zoeprince! There is plenty of time to reserve an S3 Pioneer Box, and once your baseline of 10 days is complete, the next step is to confirm your address.

Then, our team receives the signal to ship your “sofi surprise,” which is a small gift to confirm that your Pioneer Pack will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be! :sofi_moon:

Once you’ve received your surprise, then your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved under your name and will be shipped to you following production (TBD).

I hope that helps and our team, and your fellow Pioneers are here anytime you need support or have any questions!

A x


Hello, that you for replying, sorry for the late response I have a new job so been a bit of a whirlwind, I haven’t received my ‘sofi surprise’ yet xx


Thanks for messaging @zoeprince and it’s great to see you back here! With the shipment of our S2 Pioneer Packs in full swing, the mailing of our sofi surprises will likely be delayed until the end of next week. There are plenty of S3 Packs remaining to be reserved so without a doubt we will get you one!

Thank you so much for your patience in the meantime! :love_letter: :potted_plant: :blossom: