11/70 sprays on Ashwagandha N.03 review overall!

Hello! :wave:

I have 11/70 sprays left of Ashwagandha N.03.
Now that I’m near the end of spray N.03, I thought I’d let everyone know how I felt about N.03 taste and personal experience!

The taste: When I first sprayed this I was getting a unpleasant taste, then after a few days it started to have a San Miguel beer aftertaste :joy: which I honestly didn’t mind! The taste does get better over time day by day you notice it doesn’t taste that bad!

My personal experience overall on Ashwagandha N.03:
I noticed that I slept like a baby once I got in a good routine of spraying it in 2s
2 in the morning
2 in the evening
And 2 just before I go bed! I find this works best! And shall be doing this routine for the next sprays! Besides sleep, I also noticed my anxiety was better and I was more calm and relaxed! Which I’m really happy about :blush:

I want to thank the Sofi Team for Ashwagandha N.03 formula, it really does work! You just have to be patient with it!

I will be starting Ashwagandha N.02 and going backwards as it only makes sense to do so! I’m looking forward to N.02 spray :grin:


This is amazing feedback @StaceyTsReviews snd we can’t wait to see what sofi’s brain has made of your journey with Ashwa … are you on your last capsule now? :pray:


No I’m on my second after this one! This was my first capsule :grin: