Incredible on S3

For the first time in years I’m sleeping so much better and the anxiety has almost gone. Thank you so very much for letting me be a pioneer. It has literally give me my life back and it tastes great. I’m carrying on with the journal but the stick won’t link but I’m feeling great thanks to Sofi


This is so wonderful to hear @Mick1 - and I had a good feeling about ashwagandha for you! How have you found the flavours? We will shortly be taking a vote to decide which will be the chosen flavour for production moving forward!

PS, it’s super important that we are able to collect the data of your sprays via the app, so that we can measure exactly how much better you may be sleeping, or exactly how much of a difference the herb is making on your anxiousness / mood.

When you have a moment, please feel free to send over a screenshot of your home page so that we can see what may be stopping the pod from connecting. Some other points are:

  1. Has your sofi pod been recently charged as it won’t be able to connect if the battery is low?

  2. Once paired with the sofi app (if possible), does the correct formulation display on the screen, so that you can watch the spray count go down by one number with each press (69/70…68/70…67/70… etc)?

  3. Make sure to keep the sofi app open as and when you go to spray, as this way you can be sure that first it is paired with the app, and that each spray counts!

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