A little help 😊

Hey :wave: I hope everyone is having a great end of the week and enjoying the lovely sunshine. I have a very quick question… my box arrived today containing my sprays (not gonna lie, the excitement is real!!!) inside my box it says my journey starts on spray 2, my app says spray 1? Which one is it?


I am still waiting for my first box. Would be good to hear the answer incase this happens with me.


Hi @Zenra90

So excited your pioneer pack has made it into your hands!! The capsules are as follows:

  • n.01 = yellow

  • n.02 = orange

  • n.03 = (slightly darker) red

Did you receive a journey card with instructions on with which flavour formulation to begin? These are colour matched to your capsules, so if you forget what the numbers are, it can help! xx


Yes I did, it says number 2 so I’ll just start with that one


Can’t wait to see how you and Ashwa get along … it’s an amazing power plant with huge history … we recently pulled this together based on travels of our lovely ethnobotanist @MJB … hope you like and have an amazing weekend :pray:


Im still abit confused. On my app it’s showing no. 1
But the journey card says no.2

I’m going to start with n. 02 but will it make a difference to the app!?


Hi, if you put the bottles in, it tells you on the app what it is.

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This is correct number 2 should be 1st.

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