Labelling the capsules

Hiya, i just got my pioneer pack and everything is going fine. I was just wanting to make the suggestion that you could put the ‘no 01/02/03’ on the pods them selves as well as S3. Allthough everything was present and intact when my pack arrived, the pods had bounced out of their slots so i couldnt tell which was which without putting them in the stick and the swapping about to find the right one confused the stick a bit. All sorted now, i just thought i’d mention it. Thank you.


Hi @Cal and welcome to our treehouse! You will find an amazing community here and it’s great to have you onboard!

You are completely right about the capsule labelling! It was a production oversight to not have the numbers of formulation on the capsules themselves :laughing: so we’ll be fixing that in the next program! We’re also working on more robust packaging that prevents them from moving around during transit AND making the paint colours non-translucent, which should help in distinguishing between them.

Definitely a work in progress here and as a small start-up we are learning as we go, so please do keep any and all feedback coming Cal!

Many thanks and wishing you a lovely rest of the week :slight_smile:

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