A Short Note on 2022

A year of many firsts for our sofi. We saw this community, our “treehouse”, come to life. We launched a few dozen iterations of the sofi app, two generations of the sofi stick, and tested our first two medicinal plants. We had hundreds of Pioneers make personal discoveries, and collectively we generated over one million data points in our “atlas”. We shared many difficult moments and even a few successes along the journey. We began to understand that our team is bigger than the dozens who have been working to bring sofi to you, but actually, it’s the hundreds who have been patiently trialling the tribulations of sofi into this world. And we are almost there – at the start line!

The new year will see us release the third generation of our sofi stick. This will allow us to run multiple pioneer programs at the same time. Pioneers will no longer have to be running a general trial of the same plant at the same time as the sofi sticks will begin to uniquely identify each bottle (not just the formulation or study). The sofi app will take a significant step forward towards the experience that will be launched for everyone by the end of the year. We will release new features such as “sofi seeds”, our reward program for journaling, community engagement, inviting additional Pioneers to our community and helping grow our movement organically.

We also will begin to secure capital and commercial partners to allow us to maintain the “Pioneer Program” accessible to all. Find new scientific partners to further our knowledge of plants, and run the first series of real-world validation of “functional” fragrances designed to improve our cognition and how we feel. We will activate our Pioneer Advisory Group, who will act as our moral compass on critical decisions from levels of anonymisation and data privacy to development priorities.

And in all of this, there will be one constant. Our continued mission to reconnect people and plants, guided by our belief in the purity of plants, the power of people and the preservation of planet. 2022 was a year of many firsts, but our movement, this revolution in human health, will only accelerate from here. Powered by you. Driven by our desire to improve how we feel. To connect. And our right not to simply survive but thrive every day.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. It is undoubtedly evident that none of this progress would have been possible without you. We are humbled and driven by this every day.

Wishing you, your friends and family a peaceful, restful and restorative new year. And here’s to everything we are about to do together.




Happy New Year everyone! All the best wishes and I hope you all have a restful and peaceful year ahead of you!


Happy new year to everyone. Wishing you all prosperity peace and mindfulness in 2023.
Best wishes :blush::pray: namaste


Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy new year @dcm.leeds - hope you managed to get some downtime and restorative break over the festive season (and possibly even some sleep)! Will be a great year for us ahead! :pray:


Thank you. Much appreciated xx


Thank you and to you.
Do you know when we will receive our stick please?


Thank you for all this amazing work and for allowing me to be a part of this too. Congratulations on a monumentally productive year! Being involved here, I must say, gives me so much hope which I’ve personally been missing since my husband passed in 2015 but having the whole world in a downward spiral since 2020 has not helped any so I really appreciate being a part of this Sofi community; your mission actually gets me really excited about 2023! :partying_face::seedling::potted_plant::mending_heart:


Morning @Harobed and happy new year. I can confirm that all metal production and plant extraction is complete. Plastic parts and electronics production and programming will complete by end of January. Assembly will begin here in the U.K. in the beginning of February. Our plan is to start to ship batches of S03 sofi sticks from mid or late Feb. Last time we were disappointed by our logistics partner including the Royal Mail having lost somewhere between 60/80 pioneer packs during the strikes. So we are evaluating different logistics partners here in the U.K. I have added @alexwalkerjones here so she can keep everyone up to date. The main elements we were watching for is Chinese New Year and COVID which are wreaking havoc on elements of our supply chain. But we will get these to you. And importantly, these new generation sofi sticks will be USB C rechargeable and importantly have RFID sensing technology which means that a Pioneer no longer will need to do a single plant study at the same time as every other active pioneer but can truly go on unique sequence of trials one of the other. So any plants you have no had a chance to trial yet @Harobed we will also provide you after so you will be continuously active … we can’t wait! xx :pray:


We feel incredibly privileged to be working on a project together with you and our incredible community here. At some point last year we started to realise how much bigger the sofi team really was than the team that was building and how much richer the experience has been as a result of us being all of us. Can’t wait to see the discoveries ahead of us on 2023 @kaneary xx :pray:



Thank you for the update.

Bit disappointing that it will now be another 2 months as I have been waiting a very long time, but it is what it is.

Happy New Year


I agree. I wish we could do this faster. We are working on it. But importantly the S3 will mean that from the moment we have the new technology there should never be a pause in trialling a plant on the Pioneer Program. Really grateful for all the incredible patience :pray:


Thank you for the reply


Sounds really positive and exciting. Every new step on the programme bring new developments and initiatives. The USB charging sofi sticks will be so good. Can’t wait to try the new plant too. What a journey!


Tears!!!i​:shamrock:m.so proud of you all!!!:herb:


Your doing absolutely incredibly @Kaveh ,amazing tireless work


This is going to be an amazing year for us with sofi and can’t wait to share it with this incredible community we have formed here. Hope you’ve managed some downtime over the festive season and are all charged for an awesome xx23 @jacquelinecannon1 :pray:


Doing well,man oh man that was a hectic month for hospitality.we had so many functions and parties for the holidays meanwhile working with layngitis and herniated disc haha😂!literally taking orders with hand gestures and pad and pen!hope your well and all the team xxx😍