What to do next

Hi ive just managed to log on, but i am unsure what i need to do next :blush:


Well firstly welcome @Suzie90. This project has been made entirely possible by amazing Pioneers joining us patiently in the developing of our sofi and more than a handful have found some better connection with our first plant which was valerian โ€ฆ we are shortly kick starting the S2 Pioneer Program - our second trial which is with passiflora. We have also started registering Pioneers for S3 which will be Ashwaghanda. To begin with we would love to establish your baseline - or how you normally sleep and feel - before you trial a plant. This data is super important as it is what sofi uses to compare how you sleep and sleep once you are taking a plant to observe an effect. I am adding @alexwalkerjones here as well to help with any questions you may have on this journey with us xx :pray:


Hi @Suzie90, and welcome to our sofi community - AKA the treehouse!

Your journey begins by completing 10 days of your โ€œbaselineโ€ journal of mood and sleep within the sofi app (this is so that sofi has a good chance to understand your current relationship with sleep). Once complete, you will receive a prompt to confirm your address, and once verified (more on this to come) your S3 Pioneer Pack will be reserved under your name.

As @Kaveh mentioned, excitingly our S3 plant will be the powerful adaptogen Ashwagandha which you can read more about my visiting the sofi website and blog using the links below.

Keep an eye out for emails from us to help guide you every step of the way, and message me, or another member of the team, anytime! :blush: