Changes to our Pioneer Studies moving forward

Dear community,

We have been blessed with the opportunity to offer sofi, entirely for free, to hundreds of Pioneers over the past 2 years, helping each one of us - and sofi of course - to understand exactly which plants can benefit us most in our search for better calm and sleep.

As sofi begins the inevitable shift from validating our platform to becoming a business, it’s important that we outline our vision for the chapter ahead.

If you have participated in a pioneer study, your feedback has been essential in preparing sofi for general release, and without fail, proving that plants can and will play a bigger role in human health! After 2 years of validation, thousands of hours dedicated to troubleshooting, sofi is ready for first customer shipment.

A mixture of excitement, nerves, and anticipation awaits us, and we sincerely hope you will continue to support our mission as sofi grows.

Launching pre-order subscriptions

sofi will be launching as a subscription service. Our focus is not on selling bottles of ashwagandha, valerian, or any particular plant - but providing an ongoing service that maps each pioneers’ unique and evolving response to any formulation, unlike any product or platform to currently exist.

We’re launching with our three hero formulations: valerian, passiflora, and ashwagandha (and the winning flavours selected by you), with a roadmap to release additional plants every 2-3 months - and the option, per your suggestions, to change your monthly plant anytime.

As a member of our community and team, we’ll be offering you the very first opportunity to reserve your Pioneer Pack and subscription, almost an entire month before we launch to the public, along with our early-bird prices that will get locked in for you, for life.

In order for sofi to remain operationally sound we will begin to turn some of our resources and production efforts towards our pre-order subscriptions. This will have implications for the structure of our Pioneer Studies going forward.

No pioneer left behind

As many of you know, interest and participation in sofi over the past few months has increased drastically - which we couldn’t be more excited and grateful about! With this, however, comes an inevitable queue of patient Pioneers waiting for their first Starter Packs to arrive: We see, we thank you, and our promise remains true that no Pioneer will be left behind.

For those with Starter/Pioneer Packs already reserved, you’ll remain in our system and, following our second wave of production in December, (where we’ll have the option to quadruple the number of pods we can produce!), your Starter Pack will be shipped to you so that your journey can begin.

We know that further delays are far from ideal, and if there is any possible way for us to speed things up in the meantime - we commit to it.

(PS This includes anyone currently “baselining” or waiting to verify their address with a sofi surprise. Once reserved, and so long as you wish to remain active, we’ll honour the free shipment of your Pioneer Pack following our December production wave).

Changes to our Pioneer Studies moving forward

Following the launch of our first customer shipments this Autumn, participation in our free plant and fragrance studies will be based on a randomised lottery system, available to those signed up for a subscription plan with sofi.

This has also not been an easy choice for us, but because Pioneer studies with new plants will take place only in “refill” form, those participating will need to already have the latest generation of sofi pod (which, of course, each Pioneer receives automatically with their first month of subscription).

We are doing our utmost to price our sofi pod and refill packs in an affordable space and we know that subscribing won’t be feasible for everyone. The first pioneers to subscribe will lock in their early-bird prices for life, so long as they remain a Pioneer with us - and more on this coming soon!

We remain grateful for your support in all capacities - whether that means sharing our countdown-to-launch across your socials, or recommending sofi to a friend!

Furthermore, we love for you to write to us and share any thoughts or questions



@alexwalkerjones super grateful to you and the work the team continue to do in pushing our sofi forward. And also this incredible community that we have been blessed and built as part of the journey. We always knew that the Pioneers were an integral part of what sofi was about - and soon enough - this community became the beating heart from Dec 2021 when we released our very first version of the sofi app. It feels like a long journey, but along the way, we have heard some amazing narratives of how these old friends - these amazing plants - came to impact each of us in such personal and individual ways.

Now sofi will need all our help - as we help her push forward from the invention phase to becoming the business she needs to become if she will answer the call to help a million Pioneer sleep and feel better with plants. But as always, the first step beings here, in this community.

We have had many long nights along the way, but the love and support on here has been a guiding beacon always reminding us why we have been developing our sofi. We are grateful, humbled at your generosity in time and patience, and can’t wait to extend the benefit of sofi to the wider world.

We hope we can continue to count on your and your support and love for the next phase of this journey together.



Should we still refer people to sofi, and if we do, will they need to become a paying subscriber in order to try the sprays? Is the trial of chamomile still completely free?


Good question @kteach99, thanks for asking. We are no longer actively recruiting more Pioneers, but should you refer a friend or family member, they are still welcome to complete their baseline / upload their pebble photo and reserve a free Starter Pack for chamomile.

Chamomile will be shipped following our production wave in December, where our capacity to produce more pods is significantly increased. :blush: However, this is a change from our original plans, as our September production will need to be allocated to pre-orders, exclusively, due to limited units.

In other words, incoming Pioneers are very welcome to wait for a one-off, free Starter Pack with chamomile - or they can go ahead and guarantee receipt of new formulations each month (beginning with our three hero plants), by subscribing to sofi instead.

This was the absolute most fair way we could think to do things, so hopefully it makes sense for all involved :pray: :sofi_moon:


All sounds very exciting, and I for one will be a very grateful subscriber, as I know how much better my sleep is with passiflora, and its also helping to calm my thoughts. As I’m about to find out about how well chemo has worked, and what my steps forward are, I found myself with dark thoughts, but they’ve really calmed since I have started the passiflora again, I look forward to chamomile, but passiflora will be what I’d like to subscribe to. I don’t do social media, I have enough to worry about, so point me in the direction I need please.
Everyone from sofi, including pioneers, have been a big help and support, thank you for all your messages of support, your best wishes, I wish everyone good luck going forward, but I will still be dropping in to the treehouse, see how everyones doing, I take it we will still be granted access to the treehouse, I hope so. Good luck to Sofi going to the masses, i hope it helps others as it helps me.


Thank you to everyone involved :heart:


I can’t wait to receive mine and finally enjoy a good nights sleep without anxiety


You need to publish.


So no chamomile for anyone until sometime after December? Was soooo looking forward to trying chamomile next month. :frowning:


Thanks for all your hard work and for changing my sleep pattern long term. So glad I found you when I did.


That’s fantastic that things are going so well. I am slightly unsure of where it will leave me as after having my pebble some time and finally confirming it via picture I was left with my app white screening and upon uninstall ING and reinstalling I kept my points but it reset my progress putting me at just 7 days now. No idea if I’m. Deemed as a pioneer as my progress has me climbing towards my adding adress and receiving my pebble etc which I have already done. Whether I’m still deemed a pioneer or not I congratulate you on making the dream come true :heart::heart::heart:


Very warm welcome to the sofi community @Lotusman . Pls reach out to @alexwalkerjones to get started and for any questions you may have. Of course, we as a community are always here to help and support you and each other. Talk soon :smiling_face:


“Started”, well here’s how that works, one either trials a product observes efficacy and decides that the value proposition is sufficient, or one interrogates robust data and concludes that efficacy in a similar demographic is sufficient to warrant the proposed value proposition. The absence of either is what one might colloquially describe as a “nothing burger”.


Great news and I am happy waiting for my pioneer pack.


So I’m guessing that those that have been journaling and keeping up with what’s been asked won’t be getting the free packs that we have been waiting for, we will now have to pay? If that’s the case, is there any point in those that are still waiting doing the journal? I myself am not in any financial position to purchase a subscription.


So, lotusman, you conclude this after only a few minutes reading?

Your “nothingburger” should go well with your “word salad”


Amazing news. I just had the preorder email but don’t have my pioneer pack yet, obviously I 100% wanna try and see if it works and then would 100% invest


Hi @James - Thanks for your post! For those with a starter pack reserved as part of our free trial (not on pre-order) we will be upholding our offer. Our production timeline has just been moved back to Dec, in order to allow for pre-orders to commence.

We understand that Dec is a while to wait, so we’ll be sending plenty of communications closer to the time so that re-establish your “baseline” and routine of journaling can pick back up prior to then :pray:t2:


I’ve just read the email about the subscription, I’m puzzled about having to pay £34 for the sofi pod, why? I have one, so why do i need to pay for another? It would make it easier to afford, especially ws its £35 a month if you go on 12 month subscription, which i would, but it seems we have to pay for sofi pod, yet we already have one if we have been trialling, @alexwalkerjones may know more