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Hey, i manage my anxiety by taking ashwagandha ksm 66. I have found this has helped me so much. Dont get me wrong it hasnt cured it but it has helped reduce those overwhelming thoughts and feelings to a more manageable state. I have recommended them to so many of my friends and family who struggle with anxiety. They did help with sleep initially but that seems to have worn off…typically :roll_eyes:


Thank you for sharing that @trudiheeson. That’s much appreciated. I wonder if @pamelaspence anything extra about ashwagandha ksm 66

Sounds intriguing :face_with_monocle:

I think a lot of things wear off after a while @trudiheeson. That’s why we’re trying to find more permanent solutions to these difficulties. As always when finding balance, it’s probably a combination of different things we need to get right.

Anyway, I’m glad to see you have arrived in our little community and thank you for sharing something that has made an impact on your life. :heart:

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Sure @vincent !
Hi @trudiheeson and welcome to the treehouse!

I LOVE Ashwaghanda. In fact, for every litre of tincture I order for my dispensary, I order two of it. It is such a well tolerated herb, a wonderful adrenal tonic and helps many people with anxiety. Also, its Latin name Withania somnifera gives a clue that it can be helpful for sleep as well.

I have come across the KSM66 product before. I am generally not a fan of products like that (trademarked, complex to produce, sometimes standardised) because I worry that we lose the simplicity of herbal medicine in that process and we can sometimes mess up the natural ratios that are present in the plant if we over process. However - I have to say I’ve heard good things from several people about the quality of KSM66 and their knowledge of the plant is impressive (i just checked their site again).

As with any herb, one will not suit all but it’s such a safe herb that it may be worth a try.

Hope it starts working for you again soon! Maybe take a break and then go back to it?