Ashwagandha sleep problems

On day 3 of Ashwagandha and I’m considering stopping.

Since I have started using it, I have found its taking me around 2 hours to fall asleep. Normally it takes me between 30 mins to an hour. I feel my mind won’t stop thinking after the bed time spray. I also feel more anxious since using it.

I know for most people this had a huge benefit, but I’m not sure it’s for me.

Anyone else had this experience?


Hi @Casino - occasionally plants can have an opposite-than-intended effect on us, typically in cases where the pathways being targeted by it are not the ones affecting our quality of sleep. 3 days however, is quite an early response if it is due to the ashwagandha, as our formulations can take time to build up in your system.

Also tagging our in-house medical herbalist @pamelaspence here in case this is a response she has previously seen :blush: It may be that ashwagandha is not the right plant for you - and another plant better targets the pathways you need!


Hi @Casino - apologies for the late reply and thanks @alexwalkerjones for tagging me.
That isn’t a reaction I’ve come across with ashwagandha before, however I am not doubting that is your experience. Can I ask whether there might be any other contributing factors that are happening at the same time- higher stress, more caffeine, any other change of diet?

If not, and you are still feeling this way then I’d suggest stopping for a few days and seeing whether these feelings subside - and then the only real way to test whether it was the ashwagandha again and see whether they recur. Understand if you don’t feel you want to do that, of course.

Let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,

Pamela :herb:


I used ashwagandha for about 10 days and found that it made my anxiety levels increase more each day so I stopped using it.


I haven’t gone back to it. I might try it again in the future. And it’s entirely possible that my reaction was more a result of life stress. But until my stress levels have calmed down, i would rather leave it for the time being, just in case the sleep problems and anxiety were caused by it.


Hi Casino. Yes, I do have the same kind of backwards effects from most of them so far. I also had the same problem with the pill versions of them in the past. It sucks. I still keep retrying, but its hard to stay on them for many days in a row when you know it takes you 30 minutes to fall asleep and suddenly it is taking you 2 hours. I gave my friend 3 sprays of valerian to try with me while I was on vacation, not telling her anything at all about them and both of us took 2-3 hours to fall asleep that night. Us people with sleep problems are so paranoid about doing anything that COULD have made them worse…right?! Makes it so hard to persist with re-trying. Mine was definitely not a result of any stress levels, and I had actually been falling asleep fast while on vacation, not something that I usually do, so it was pretty obviously from the spray that night. Some of the studies I read about said that Ashwaganda can cause a temporary boost in energy for some people, so I am also trying to take my sprays much earlier in the night to see if that works better by bedtime.