Allergic to Valerian

I thought it would be important to mention some of us are allergic, and or have paradoxical reactions to valerian, how can we get this information to whomever formulates our pioneer Sofi sticks? I’m good with everything else but that! Makes my heart go crazy, and keep me up with tinnitus, anxiety, and restlessness. I am only mentioning it so not to have it in my Sofi experience. Please if you can… Thank you, and I feel so lucky to be in this awesome program. Thank you so much!!!


Hi @jmartinello2020 - So thrilled to have you here and thank you for raising an excellent question. Currently, we only create single-plant formulations and always publish the ingredients lists / plant data ahead of time so you’ll always know what you’re getting for your Program, and any future Programs moving forward.

(You’re currently on track to participate in our S3 with Ashwagandha and you can find all the information on that Program and plant available here: S3 Pioneer Program | updates)

For refill Programs - for example we will shortly be offering S1 and S2 Pioneers the chance to get a refill of valerian - receipt of plant will always be optional, and only sent to Pioneers who choose to opt-in.

If there’s ever a particular plant you prefer to skip, or one you need to pause for health/medical/other reasons, then that’s no problem at all, and you would just let us know by reaching out :slight_smile:

I hope that helps to answer your question and we feel equally lucky to have you onboard!


Have you been to see your regular GP, they will be able to test to see if it is definitely the valerian that’s giving you the allergic reaction not something else. Take a spray with you and see what can be done to help identify the source. I know you are convinced it is the valerian that’s causing symptoms but it is best to check just in case it’s not something else that you have not noticed yet? Hope you feel better soon.

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