Any choice over which pioneer program we can be part of?

Just wondering if there is any opportunity to choose which pioneer program we can participate in or is the trial process allocated based upon when we started out on our journey with Sofi?
I only ask because when I first looked at using natural plant based products I was initially looking into Valerian and if given a choice would probably choose this option as a starting point.
However I understand that this is a free trial and I am fully open to giving anything sensible that could help me get a decent night’s sleep, or even a few more night’s sleep!


Hi @oliver75gaskell - thanks for your post and it’s an excellent question you pose! I hope my answer isn’t too much longer than what you bargained for :laughing: :blush:

During our research on sleeplessness, we found there were something like nine different pathways in the brain that can contribute to sleeplessness - of which valerian hits just one or two… Passiflora hits another one… and so on and so forth with all different plants.

This is the ultimately the reason why we activate different plants in a linear fashion; not only are we as Pioneers completely unique, but each plant may also target completely different pathways that help us to learn more about sleep as a whole. The best way we can hope to understand sleep and anxiety better as a community is to analyse and personally experience that difference in effect. If we stopped at just one plant, or went with the plant that worked for the majority of Pioneers (valerian is a good example here) - then we’d surely be leaving out a crucial piece of the puzzle, as well as all the Pioneers the plant didn’t help.

Then of course, it’s also a logistics questions - as a small startup with limited means, we wanted to make sure we were maximising the number of Pioneers who can receive our plant pods each Program. Because of this, launching any one of our Programs takes all the resources we’ve got on hand and (at least currently) several months to produce, so it’s not yet feasible for us to launch multiple Programs / plants at once.

This is the goal though, of course, and where possible, we are keen to offer Refill Programs so new Pioneers can potentially get a chance to try previous plants. If there’s a space on our next Refill Program (with valerian), I will happily see what I can do to get your in! :sparkles: :raised_hands:


Many thanks Alex for your comprehensive and clearly explained reasons for the decision making process in the Sofi trial.
It’s clear from your systematic approach that a great deal of planning and development has gone into researching and selecting the best and most appropriate plants. Allowing the different strengths/weaknesses and therefore attributes of the plants in the study to evaluate properly what works, what doesn’t and any others that have hidden potential.
I now understand that whilst certain plants work for some, with the committment put in by all the different pioneers it simply would not be ethical to stop there, saying that such and such worked for most! Whilst then ignoring those whom it didn’t work for. So your message makes sense, why have a trial if a number of the research group is then ignored just because one plant worked for a large proportion of pioneers!

Thank you for your kind help in running this trial for the good of those who are looking for something natural to aid in sleep, relaxation and other reasons for taking part. You and your team at Sofi are superb and I am sure will be recognised as such in the scientific community :pray::clap::clap::clap:


And if there is any opportunity for my first trial to be with valerian I would appreciate it but understand if not possible, plus I don’t want to set a precedent for people making their own selections!:wink: