Looking forward to receiving a pioneer pack soon

Hi there, it’s been a difficult 2 years because of my husbands severe clinical depression.
This has had an impact on my sleep, which wasn’t great before. Mainly waking up in the early hours 2am & not able to get back to sleep, sometimes taking awhile to get off to sleep because my mind won’t stop the chatter.
I eat mostly plant based diet, meditate every morning & evening, practice gratitude exercise quite a bit. I much prefer the idea of plants helping me as don’t want to go down the sleeping pill route. So am really excited to be able to work with you soon. :crossed_fingers:the ashwagandha will improve my sleep a
& anxious thoughts. Thank you


Hi @grannysue269, it’s lovely to e-meet you! We are passionate about building out the sofi community and finding our membership as we grow and so we’re very excited to have you onboard!

Fingers crossed the personal discoveries you are about to make with the plants (beginning with Ashwgandha!) will help nudge you back towards better sleep and calm. And should you have any questions, anytime, please do not hesitate to reach out :blush: :sofi_moon: :crossed_fingers:

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