Amount of sprays per day

Hello :slight_smile: I can’t find anywhere a guide on when and how many sprays to use a day, could anyone help me with this please! :slight_smile:


Normally it’s 3 sprays early evening then 3 sprays before bed. You have to give it a few days before your body starts to react to it.


That’s how many I’m going for … 6/7 sprays per day and I typically load up at night … if you’re interested in using it to chill I wonder if you may want to take 1/2 sprays every few hours during the day … @pamelaspence do you have any views in this incredible plant … whether you suggest the evening loading as we did with passiflora and valeriana or we try something more interesting if Pioneers want to rather a more chill / nerve state? :pray:


I think @alexwalkerjones said somewhere that people could do 3 sprays in the morning (and 3 at night) if they wanted to feel more chilled during the day, i.e. overall, but i cant remember where she said it and need to get off my allotment and go home for a G&T :tropical_drink:


For sure … and I find this super interesting cause when we looked at the passiflora and Valerian data we needed at least 10 days of building up the plant to make the first observation of effects in about half of pioneers … so I do wonder how the daily press delivery when you zoom say up to a week or longer actually has an impact … for this I would love to hear from our amazing @pamelaspence … cause in her we do trust! She tends to get this right ahead of us solving it with sofi’s mathematical brain! :pray:


Lol. I appreciate the trust!

There are a few points here.

  • all three plants we have tested so far have a minimal immediately calming effect (some folk will register this, for others it is too subtle) and all build up over time.
  • up to this point we have suggested 6 sprays in total
  • in clinic I ask my patients to take a higher dose at night if the symptoms we are trying to manage are worse at night (typically sleeplessness, anxiety or for some women, hot flushes)
  • if the symptoms tend to happen throughout the day I typically suggest taking a more stable dose throughout the 24hrs. So the idea of 3 sprays am and 3 sprays pm would fit that idea.

I note that for patients with symptoms at night, loading all the dose in the evening can make a remarkable difference. But the really cool thing is that underneath all of this, the cumulative effect is building and that can mean that it becomes less significant over time, exactly when the dose is taken. Although i would say that for sleep issues, evening dosing is likely to remain the most important.

Does that make sense?

17 years of seeing this in clinic - can’t wait to find out whether the sofi brain sees it the same way as my human brain :slight_smile:

Greetings from the evening sun in my garden where I am testing out some hops tincture :wink:


Amazing … thx @pamelaspence for the wisdom and the practice :pray:


My absolute pleasure :pray:


Thank you so much! I am trying to achieve a less anxious state so I think you are right in suggesting three in the morning too :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Let us know how you get on :blush::herb:


Hi, ive been reading the topic and am interested in the relief of hot flushes. I suffer from them during the day, and sweats during the night, and restlessness. I have had cancer twice and cannot take HRT, would be interested to see if the sprays can alleviate some of my symptoms?x