? Can you use spray when you wake & can’t get back to sleep

Nearly finished my 2nd pod & am finding that I seem to get off to sleep quickly now :blush: & have a nice deep sleep for 3 hrs then wake & have trouble get back to sleep. Instead of spraying at 5pm can I save that spray & have 3 spray in the night instead. As it absorbes in the mouth it gets in your system very quickly so wondered if this would work. What do you think please? Also I am on a Buddhist retreat soon so will be unable to record data even tho I will still be using spray, hope that ok as I will be having a digital detox. Lots of meditation & vegan food to look forward to, tho will be sharing a room with 2 people who I don’t know :flushed:


Hi @grannysue269! Your retreat sounds amazing and I hope you have a fabulous time! So excited that you are finding sleep more easily brought on since using sofi too! :sleeping::crescent_moon:

Please do feel free to shift the timing of your sprays to whatever suits you best! We would ask (if possible) that you try to check in with the sofi app at least once per day with journaling so that the data between the sofi pod and app can be received accordingly, and used to improve how the sofi ‘brain’ understands your overall experience with the plants over time. In this sense, spraying without journaling works in opposition to the analysis of the sofi brain. Otherwise, for a full digital detox, we would ask that you hold off on spraying until journaling can recommence!

Wishing you an incredible time and can’t wait to hear how it goes! :pray: x


Ok thanks, I won’t use spray while I’m away.
What happens when we finished the 3rd pod? Do we get to try the other 2 plant sprays at a later date or is that the end of the trial.


@grannysue269 so happy to have you with us on this journey with sofi … the ambition is to circulate on this new generation sofi pod and also our two other power plants - valerian and passiflora … so if you didn’t get a chance to try those two incredible plants @grannysue269 you are in for a treat … valerian had a real capacity to knock me out whisky passiflora did start giving me technicolour dreams!! :pray:


That would do it! Do you take water with your whisky passiflora kaveh?!! :laughing: :tumbler_glass:

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