3 sprays better results

Not sure if it’s just me that is having this problem. 2 days ago I was very tired and I only took three sprays after dinner because I was very tired I fell asleep right after dinner and I did not take the additional three sprays before going to bed. The next day I noticed a huge difference in my energy. I was full of energy, very positive and happy. I did not feel
drowsiness like othere days. I went back to normal meaning taking 6 sprays a day and I definitely felt the difference immediately in the morning. I was back to feeling tired, lazy and sleepy :sleeping: most of the time. My body needs to start with a very small dose and then go up from there, since I notice that 6 sprays a day is to much for me. I thought this was normal. I thought i was feeling like this because I had been sleep deprived for months.


This is amazing to read @rosefernandez5 snd I have often heard from our lovely @pamelaspence that you begin with a standard dose and then adjust based on how you uniquely respond to the plant … there are so many variables across metabolism, diet, underlying conditions and level of activity …. Some personal, some situational … so listening to how you feel is a great guide (which is also what the core of journalling is all about - increased self awareness … our personal subjective reality is our objective truth of how we feel so hopefully you can continue in this highlighted level of self awareness and adjust as you need … sofi will listen to see if her observations at a per press level adjust as your change when you feel the dose isn’t optimal for you …. Enjoy the journey and thank you for being a part of this important mission with us @rosefernandez5 :pray:


Absolutely @Kaveh ! Just as one plant does not suit all, one amount does not suit all.

We always have to start with some kind of guidance, in this case a suggested number of sprays, but then it is really important to listen to your body for signs that this my not be the right amount for you. Of course, adhering to maximum doses is always very important.

We do this in clinic all the time. Ultimately we are looking for the best result, with the least outside interference.

Great that you were able to listen to your body @rosefernandez5 on this for a better result!



It’s nice to read that there is flexibility with this and there are options to find what suits you best, since we are all human.

Have you tried taking the last doseage earlier in the evening?

I only ask because I’ve found with my current meds I need them to sleep but if I take them later than about 7pm i feel shocking the next day :blue_heart:


I think 6 sprays a day is a perfect balance but everyone is different :blush: