Anxiety out of control

Hiya, newby here I just wondered does anyone wake up in the early hours with out of control anxiety? I’m struggling with it really badly the symptoms are very physical and debilitating I’ve told my doctor I’ve told the mental health team the adhd team you name I I’ve told them because I just want help to make it stop. I’m so glad to have found sofi as I really hope I’ve found my people and get the help and understanding that I’ve not found from anywhere else everyone here seems awesome xxxx


@Hayleycakes it’s lovely to have you here with us … we have been looking for some time at the pharmacological pathways of sleeplessness and anxiety and the plants that can target them. With the S1 pioneer Program we are activating valerian a plant that is known for its ability to impact both. Of course plants are gentle and work slowly but we are going to look for any evidence that it is specifically impacting you - that’s where the baseline comes in. But of course all of these interventions are helpful but a caring and compassionate community and the empathy it provides is something another. We have been absorbing humbled by the love and care that the community here has been showing each other and us in this journey. So pleased you are here with us :pray:


I have woken like this especially in the early hours not all the time but it’s so demoralising and makes me angry but I have no clue why this happens


It’s horrible isn’t it and ruins the whole day for me. Sometimes I have vivid dreams that cause it other times I have no clue I wish you well and hope you can find a way to stop it happening good luck xx


@chris.king5 and @Hayleycakes
Has there been anything that has helped you on occasions? Just something that has made the day somewhat more bearable?
Wishing you the good fortune to find a solution soon.


I haven’t found anything yet that’s why I’m so glad to have found sofi hoping this is where I can find a way to make it stop. I’m open to try anything. Xxxx


Hi unfortunately I’ve found nothing to help i just take it on the chin try to absorb the negative but it’s so difficult but I guess we are all in the same dilemma of searching for the magic answer


There were a few posts earlier in the community on CBT as a tool to help with coping and guiding through anxiety. Have you been able to tap into that at all? Hope you and @chris.king5 feeling better today! :pray:


I’m new here aswell and I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety. I know the feeling when it’s just out of your control and you just want it to stop.
I hope this place helps you and me. x

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