Generalised anxiety disorder


I am new and have just joined. I have generalised anxiety disorder and it triggers when I have to wait for the unexpected or when I worry of what may happen.
My chest gets really uncomfortable and tight and my arms and hands are weak and clumsy. I hope this place helps me to overcome my problems and feel better I control with my anxiety.


Hi Sam , welcome to the community , I hope you find what you are looking for here, this sleepless family are amazeballs.


Hi Sam welcome to the sofi family community. You don’t need to be anxious about anything we all have our own battles with sleep and life, but it’s truly amazing how we are all benefitting from the wonderful plants and each other.
Stick with it and let’s know how you get on, just writing down how you feel can help calm us sometimes. :blush:


hi sam i also have anxiety and get the same symptomsas a heart attack when i get an anxiety atta k and have called multiple paramedics the last 4 years. my last visit to the hospital was only the other day because i got chest paid. had bloods done and ecg and all fine as usual. it just stops you in your tracks doesn’t it. but you are not alone here with anxiety and sleep issues. hope this place helps you. im looking forward to trying the products and see if they help. dont forget to complete your daily journal for 10 days and carry it on to help with feedback etc.