Can we talk about our worries and fears on here that come when our anxiety kicks in, maybe when we cant sleep? X

Hiya I was just wondering if people could talk about their anxiety here. Or their worries which cause their anxiety…I have many, not just anything inparticular and vary from day to day. Would be great to open up when i feel the panic start to rise. Thanks in advance x


Natalie, I think identifying the reasons for one’s anxiety is often buried so deeply that one simply gets used to living with it, despite the continuous niggling in the back of ones brain - or in whichever part of the brain these things are supposed to lodge. As a 75 year old, I have been told that I’m bound to sleep less but I feel that 4-5 hours is simply not enough and the fact that this is not solid is surely significant? In my case, I don’t have work-related issues but family matters are certainly on my mind (specifically estrangement from offspring) and I have no doubt that these remain in my subconscious while I sleep and may stay with me until I die. Howeve, my No2 spray has been formulated to induce calmness and after only three days, I have enjoyed two relatively calmer nights, albeit still around 5 hours. Given the alternative of counselling at my age, I think I prefer the @sofi approach!


Absolutely open up , this is a amazing and supportive community :heart:


Bless you. Such wise words :heart: im so pleased that you have some form of relief…I cannot wait to start trying the remedies


Hi @Natzvw, talk away here. We all have our own perceived frailties and worries. Read some of mine and others writings and you will see we are all looking for the proverbial rainbow. Nobody judges here so if its advice you’re after then ask, if you simply want to let off steam go for it. Good luck going forwards.
Happy sleeps