Anxiety physical pains

Hello has anyone got anxiety with physical pains that has started the spray has it helped with your physical pains?


Morning @Jackie1993 snd amazing to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear about the pain and adding @pamelaspence to see what her experience has been in this … but here are some thoughts I am having as I’m reading your post (and of course when you have pain would be really sensible to consult your gp when you can :pray:

I was having an exchange with our Chief Medical Officer yesterday about sofi and what he loves about it … he said something super interesting about journalling … the logic has always been that it’s about measuring change over time … that’s why we journal … but he said it is also super helpful because it helps establish our “normal” … baseline. For example if our baseline is feeling generally ok and something recently happened that made us feel unwell and that coincided with when we started taking a plant and we didn’t have the baseline history we might falsely read your improvement in feeling better to the plant rather than your body headlong herself back to normal - your baseline … so a suggestion that we always recommend is to always keep journaling to establish your baseline - cause that way we can begin to use the mathematics in sofi’s brain to untangle the feeling of better either a return to baseline or at a per press level with high level of certainty as correlated to the number of presses from a particular plant … :pray:


Hi @Jackie1993 I have psoriatic arthritis which does cause a lot of anxiety with the pain since starting the spray I have noticed I am a lot calmer and more relaxed, which I feel is helps a lot. My pain will always be there but the trick I think is get body relaxed and it will help the pain ease. Anxiety will still creep in now and again but I am hoping the spray will help with relaxing me so I can control the anxiety. I also meditate a lot which helps me. :smiley::pray:


Morning @Jackie1993 and welcome to the Treehouse! Thanks for the tag @Kaveh and for your thoughts too @Peter

When working with a patient who has pain in clinic I would almost always make sure they also have a calming herb in their mix because not only can anxiety cause pain, but anxiety can also make pain harder to cope with. Add to that the fact that tension in the body can make pain worse and you have a pretty good idea that pain and anxiety have a relationship.

Sometimes calming herbs can improve physical pain, or our ability to cope with it and for it to have less effect on us.

It’s definitely worth a try. Remembering also that if your pain is new, worse than normal or changing in any negaitive way, then you need to check in with your health care provider.

Hope that helps! :blush::herb: