Multiple health issues

Sorry im very new here but i wanted to ask from others i suffer from multiple health conditions as a result my sleep is seriously affected as I’ve been reading through i see alot about sleep im only on day 2 of my baseline so not 100% sure how all of this works but i wanted to ask if the sofi pods only help with 1 issue or if the pod im sent will help with multiple issues in one my sleep my anxiety are my main issues that my chronic pain condition causes that medicine doesnt seem to help so im not sure if the single pod will help with just one issue ie the sleep or will help with other things at the same time im so sorry if this doesn’t make much sense thank you for reading and any answers your able to provide


Hi Carrie welcome to the community!
I suffer from anxiety , probably not as bad as some others but I found the pods did help with my anxiety alongside getting me some well deserved rest s2 was a bit of bad timing for me anyway due to having my 3rd child just born weeks before , no amount of spray will keep me asleep through the crying :joy::joy: but the sprays affect everyone differently anyway so I’m sure other members of this wonderful family will give you their side of their journey with Sofi !

May sleep and relaxation be with you soon enough ! :slight_smile:


I have a few health problems, cancer, chronic pain syndrome, and degenerative disc disease to name but a few, and by the end of the day i used to hate going to bed, as id never get much sleep, thr sofi stick has helped me to have some amazing sleep, it truly is amazing you have to try it, im so glad i stumbled on this trial, its definitely made a huge difference to my sleep, and if you sleep well, it makes a difference to your mood, and to your perspective, im taking less pain killers, and really do think good sleep is the key to be able to handle other heqlth problems


Hi @carrie.rabbitt and welcome to the sofi treehouse! We’re really happy to have you here and fingers crossed sofi can help nudge your towards better sleep and calm.

I found a previous post from @Kaveh that should provide some information to help answer your important question on the interaction between anxiety + sleep: Sofi app | calm journal

To paraphrase his eloquent answer:

"When we started our journey with sofi, we knew we would target chronic conditions. At the forefront of our focus were sleeplessness and anxiety.

The more we looked at the science behind them, the more we realised they were not two perfectly separate buckets, but actually, there were shared “pathways” that made one chronic condition create flares in the other. So we set out to prioritise plants that affect both sleeplessness and anxiety."

(Valerian, Passiflora, and Ashwagandha are three great examples of plants that can affect both - and so naturally that’s where we started off in the hopes of targeting both).

I hope that helps, and fingers crossed we will find a plant that works best for you :blush: :sofi_moon: