I am suffering very bad and can't wait for sprays

I’m not feeling good at all my sleep and anxiety is really poor does anyone have any tips for me to relax a bit until sprays come which i dont know when that will be.


I’m not sure if you are a coffee / caffeine drinker at all @Katz, but I am so sensitive to the stuff as far as anxiety that I avoid it at all costs!

It’s a small thing, but there are some excellent and powerful herbal teas out there that provide a quick and tasty dose of plant goodness specifically when it comes to promoting calm and rest.

There is an article on the sofi.health blog I will link you too here: https://sofi.health/herbal-teas-to-reduce-anxiety-and-improve-overall-health/ and to quote @stephendahmermd:

PS - I can confirm that your Pioneer Pack is reserved under your name and ready for shipment following production. We have several weeks to go, but we’ll provide updates as we get closer and give you plenty of heads up to get back into a regular journaling routine! x

Thank you for the pointer to herbal teas. Does anyone have recommendations on which to try. Only ever had Camomile. One thing ive found helps a little is my diet. My meal times were all over the place so Ive started making protein shakes with natural peanut butter and a banana which kick starts my appetite. Fuller belly and contentment definitely help me…at least a little. Its not a complete answer but I’ve found it helps a wee bit.