Any quick relief solutions

Hello peoples, I have been having pqnic attacks whenever I go out into public or on public trasnport. Its embarrasing to be like that in front of strangers and really makes me isolate.
Well Monday my favourite band is playing and I am determined to go! Does anyone know of anything I can use on the day for some quick relief? Plant remedies or over the counter?

I read something about antihistamines but i sometimes use those for hayfever qnd didnt notice any anxiety relief. Thanks guys in advance :blush::grin:


I dont know for sure but you could try Bach Rescue remedy (health shops etc).
Also trry various breathing exercises which you could google.
One is breathing 4 counts in and 8 counts out. Try and breathe in not just from your chest, but lower so stomach / diapragm will move out. I think breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Sorry im in a rush now but im sure you could find some breathing diagrams on the net. Something perhaps to help you feel more in control x


Hi, you probably know about the suggestions in this link about helping to calm a panic attack. I have no idea if the methods work and you may have tried them but in case this is helpful …


Thankl you i appreciate your help

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