App Version 2.1.8

This new version includes a few exciting changes! Firstly, the history screen was updated to split your sprays between “after dinner” and “before bed” to provide useful information in a more readable format. Besides that, there were a few bug fixes, most notably a whole suite of improvements to the pairing and connection of the pods. We now added helpful warnings to indicate whether if bluetooth is turned off, or if the app is missing location access (required by the Android system for connecting to the pods). Many scenarios such as cancelling pairing after the pod is connected and cancelling the scanning now work as intended. Most notably, some Android devices had very specific preferences on how often the app could scan for the pods, and would seize up if that wasn’t followed. Fixing that hopefully should fix the issues many pioneers were seeing in their connection to the pods. If you still are having issues, please reach out on Intercom, and we’ll do our best to help!

You don’t have to worry about updating. Just enjoy your pioneering journey and the update will be installed automatically when you open the app!


Amazing @filipe
We can’t wait for everyone’s feedback!

I’m also adding a preview of the new history screen :slight_smile:


Just out of curiousity on how it works , does it just identify before bed spray as the 4th spray and beyond used or does it try to do it on a time based spray ?


But looks good either way :slight_smile:


@Aaron currently it considers sprays more than an hour after the first one as being before bed, and anything before that as after dinner


I just noticed this feature it’s helpful to know if I’m being consistent with the times. Don’t know whether that’s very important but all I know is it’s working and I’m sleeping more now even though I’ve hurt my arm, think it’s rheumatism, just wearing out😄