Pod not tracking

Getting quite frustrated by my pod tracking sprays wrong and feeling a little stuck. The app has erased sprays I’ve done making it look like I’ve had days of not using it, and then when I do spray it’ll track from times where the pod was literally sat in one place. I’ve finished the first bottle but the app thinks I’m nowhere near… this just feels really over engineered, like just telling me to spray a thing and track it manually would be far more reliable, so I’m struggling to understand the concept.


Hi, i dont think it is over-engineered, i think you are unlucky and the team will try to sort it for you.
Mine has worked perfectly


HI @ailsa, we’re sorry to hear that your pod has gone a little rogue! I am tagging @Kirill so we can get the team to investigate what might be going on. Having just recently launched a brand new app, supporting over 300+ smartphone devices, a handful of bugs and glitches can only be realistically expected. :bug: :lady_beetle:

Please rest assured that we will do everything we can to fix any muddled data behind the scenes - leave it with myself and our team and thank you for your patience in the meantime! :blush: :seedling:


Hi @ailsa

Mine has done the exactly the same at times too, but try to remember this is a new product we are lucky enough to test for free, there will be errors from time to time but that’s why we’re here, to help iron out the kinks make the product better in the long run :smiling_face:


Mine is recording more sprays than I am doing sometimes but is recording them, hope this won’t affect the data you get. I am just doing 3 sprays not the 5 it sometimes says :roll_eyes: :joy:


Mine is doing the same, not recording properly but its early days. Im not spraying as per the usual amount as soon as i feel i dont need it.
The main thing is my sleep is becoming less broken and im thankful for being on this greay free trial.
Thank you to all the team x