Pod won’t Pair with app

Anyone having trouble with the spray pod not pairing to the app? Mine just keeps saying can’t find it. Please help!


Mine will not pair either. Keeps saying error check your Bluetooth but Bluetooth is on b/c I use it for other devices


I might be wrong but i believe that you have to pair it within the app, so i suppose that means with the app open. I cant remember what i did but it worked fine.

Also you should have your pod near your phone

One of the team with be back tomorrow if you have tried that and it still doesnt work

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Hi @wgoldbach and @Kristysi,

Often when an error concerning Bluetooth appears, the issue is either:

A) trying to pair in Bluetooth settings, as opposed to directly in the sofi app. You definitely want to be in the app, not settings, and simply select “pair my pod” if you haven’t tried that yet!

B) Your location services for sofi are disabled, which is interfering with the Bluetooth pair. You can check location services by locating sofi in your settings under app, going to location, and selecting “while using the sofi app.” Please let me know if that solves it for you - and I’ll attach a screenshot for reference down below as well as a link to our full “Pioneer Survival Guide” with more in-depth steps to troubleshoot.

Success!!! Time to start spraying

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Sprayed once and answered questions on phone app. Has not asked me to spray again. Am I missing something? The only thing I get daily is the journal questions.

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I dont think the app asks you to spray again, you just do it with the app open and your phone close to the pod and you can watch the count go down from the initial 70 sprays.

You don’t say if you have the herbal mouth sprays or the fragrances, but the instruction card in your box should suggest the number and timing of sprays you can start with. Also you can look at the Treehouse Index pinned to the top (below the survey topic) for information on the sprays.

Sometimes counts are not all registered if you spray too fast. The best is to give a firm spray, then wait a few seconds to see the spray register and then do another firm spray.

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